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Folks who drive Paoli Pike from Floyds Knobs may notice a slight difference in the scenery. 
Soon, the sign that reads Mike’s Tire Service will be replaced with a new one that will read “Faulkenburg Automotive.”
Mike’s Tire Company has been in that location for more than 30 years and owner operator Mike Anderson decided earlier this year it was time to step away.
Anderson said the physical demands of the job were the primary reason he decided it was time, but he admitted after three decades, the time was right.
“I’ve been working on getting out of the business for a while,” he said. “I turned 67 this month and it was getting harder. I wasn’t just an inside the office manager, I was out there (in the shop) doing something every day.”
Anderson grew up in the knobs and graduated from New Albany before Floyd Central was even in existence.
He met his wife Connie at a party at his brother’s house.
He was in the National Guard and went to work for Firestone on Market Street in New Albany for 10 years from 1968 to 1978.
Anderson then went to work for a few smaller companies before opening Mike’s Tire Services.
“A good friend of mine and I were riding down the road and he told me, ‘you need to open your own business.’ I told him I didn’t have a clue about where I’d even put a business and about that time we drove past this place and he told me that was the right location.”
Anderson decided he’d take a chance.
“I went across the road to Mutual Trust Bank and I told him I wanted to start my own business,” Anderson said. “I put $5,000 in the bank and 33 years later I am selling it.”
He said there were natural ups and downs.
“Those early days were pretty slow, but we got it going after a year or two,” Anderson said.
Connie, who retired three years ago, stayed away in those early years, but Anderson said once computers came on the scene, she got more involved in the business.
Anderson won’t spend a lot of time resting, he said he and his wife are leaving right away to go to Colorado.
“I bought a house out there three years ago and now I get to go see it for the first time,” he said. “My wife has been out there several times, but now we get to go together and spend a month or two out there.”
The couple has three kids, Brad, Michael and Shane. One is a pilot in Houston, another is an engineer and the third works at the finance department at GE.
They have seven grandchildren and an eighth is on the way.
Anderson hasn’t been just a business owner in Floyds Knobs, he has been involved in the community for most of those years.
He said he spent 25 years coaching little league for the Floyds Knobs Community Club.
One of Anderson’s proudest moments as a coach was during the 1988 season when he guided a team to the state championship for 11-year-olds.
“I look at all those boys and some of them in that group turned out to be great members of the community,” Anderson said.
Anderson said it’s hard to single out one player as the best he ever coached, but Matt Vincent ended up playing baseball professionally.
Andrew Lush was another talented athlete that Anderson recalled coaching. Lush ended up playing football at the University of Louisville.
Anderson stepped away from coaching a few years back, but has stayed on as a sponsor.
“I always wanted to help the kids,” he said. “Someone has got to sponsor and make sure they have a place to play.”
The similarities between Anderson and the new owner, Derrick Faulkenburg are uncanny.
When Anderson bought the business he was 34 with three children and Faulkenburg has three children. If those aren’t enough, when Anderson started the business his wife worked at Humana and currently Faulkenburg’s wife Jennifer works at Humana.
“My advice to him was to just be honest with people,” Anderson said. “He’s been in business for a few years and I told him to keep it up, be honest and do the best he can for customer and he will be successful.”
Faulkenburg Automotive had been located in Greenville.
Faulkenburg said he approached Anderson about buying his shop because business has increased and so has the need for more space.
“We had a small scale mechanic shop in Greenville for four years and needed more room and a better location,” Faulkenburg said.
Faulkenburg Automotive will continue to provide the same services Anderson did and then some.
“We are upping it up to full scale mechanical and we are offering alignments, as well,” Faulkenburg said. “We do everything except rebuild automatic transmissions.”
The selling of the place may have been divine intervention.
Anderson decided to sell the company in early spring.
He said a lady in church told him she was praying for him to sell his business and just a few days later, Faulkenburg came in the shop and wanted to see about buying it.
“After church was over, there was a lady who told me, ‘Mike, I am going to pray that you sell your business,’ that was on Thursday, Monday right after noon, Derrick walked in and asked me if I was selling. A couple of hours later, another guy walked in and said he’d be interested, too.”
A short time later, the deal was done.
Faulkenburg Automotive is located at 3536 Paoli Pike, Floyds Knobs  hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday. For more information, call 812-948-2576.