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The ever increasing prices coupled with the new balanced calendar school year has caused some to be in a sudden position of having to provide school clothes in very short order with very limited time to budget the expense.  If you happen to find yourself in this type of situation, Greenville Christian Church is offering a solution.  On Saturday, July 26th from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Greenville Christian Church will be offering a Back to School Closet with sizes from 3T all the way up to Juniors.  All clothing will be offered a $1 a piece, plus those stopping by will get free school supplies.  All proceeds from the sale will go back into the community, such as purchasing additional school supplies or possibly the local food pantry.  
The idea for the Back to School Closet came from a personal yard sale that Pastor Michael Rogers and his wife, Carrie were holding at their home.  The found that there was a real need in the community from people with large families to those with foster children, to well, everyone who is trying to put food on the table and gas in their vehicles just so they can get everywhere they need to go.  People who came to their yard sale said that while trying to shop sales and yard sales that even those are sometimes overpriced.  The issue is everywhere you turn, prices rising at the grocery store, the gas station, and the mall.  And with four kids of their own ranging in age from 6 to 18, they can easily understand the pressures of providing and family life.  So the Rogers began to think of a way they could help bridge the gap.
Carrie Rogers is part of a four woman team including Michelle Waggoner, Audrey Robinson, and Jamie Robinson, who look for ways to offer events to the community that are both fun and helpful.  You will see them at Trunk or Treat and they will be offering an upcoming series of Real Time Seminars on topics of relevant interest such as finance, dementia, homeschooling, and jobs.  Stay tuned to their website at for dates and times and a listing of all their upcoming events.
Pastor Michael Rogers said the desire of Greenville Christian Church is to approach events and community a little differently.  While there is often a possible “us against them” feel to getting people in the door, he said “we are all just living life in this community so why not do it together?”  Even among churches sometimes a sort of competition almost arises over events and outreach but Pastor Rogers said that the mission of Greenville Christian Church is not to offer something that is already being offered, but rather to partner with other churches and organizations to again, grow as a community.
The aim of the Back to School Closet in particular is the hope of helping a fraction, a percentage of students in need who may attend Morgan Elementary or Greenville Elementary School.  Their aim and hope is to help 150 students, which again, is only a fraction of those who may be in need.  The main goal is “to give children something new to them that they are proud to go to school in” says Carrie Rogers.  Donations have poured in from the community and it will take a lot to help that many kids.
The church has been collecting donations for weeks in the hope of offering a broad array of sizes as well as a large quantity of items to choose from.  Donations were accepted through Sunday, July 20th and are now in the final process of sorting and preparing all of the items.  If you do have a last minute donation, please contact the church at (812) 923-923-8304 to see if they are still accepting past the deadline.  Another aim of the Back to School Closet was to facilitate a way for the community to help the community.  For the community to see what they are capable of doing for each other, as one family cleans out sizes that no longer fit, another family can put them to good use.  Donations are asked to be in good condition, new or gently used and tax credit letters will be given to anyone who would like one in return for their donation.
And that is far from all that is offered at Greenville Christian Church.  Programs range from Sunday morning gatherings with an excellent children’s program to Backyard gatherings for families to building stronger marriages through their Married People events to supporting missions around the world.  It all goes back to strengthening the community, from the core of every person to marriages, families, homes, and neighborhoods.  Carrie Rogers puts it this way, “It’s not about free stuff, it’s about a better life with God.”  The community is also invited to the One Can Reach concert on August 30th at 7:00 p.m.  Admission to the concert is one (or more than on of course) canned good to support the food pantry at Faith Harvest Assembly Church in Greenville.
With a 180 year history, someone from nearly every family in the community has been a part of or has entered through the doors of Greenville Christian Church.  And as with just about any place – church, sporting event, restaurant, or business, some experiences have been good and some maybe not so good.  Regardless, the projection now is “We’re not who we used to be, come and see what we are about now,” as echoed by both Pastor Rogers and his wife Carrie.  Carrie added, “Yes GCC is a place to learn about Jesus but also about real life issues as we face life together.”
So before you make that last minute trip to the mall or even a retail store, come and check out the selection at the Back to School Closet.  It’s an all inclusive trip as you then will already be ahead on school supply shopping as well.  Budgets are already about as tight as they can get but solutions are available.    To keep up with all the latest news, events, and offerings get connected at and like their facebook page at  Be sure to visit for the Back to School Closet.  You might even catch of glimpse of their overall mission “Together pursuing God and loving people.”