Steps being taken to make Highway 60 a safer road PDF Print E-mail
Salem Mayor David Bower gets excited when he talks about the changes currently taking place along Highway 60 from Salem to Bennettsville. 
The changes at this point may seem minor, but include adding gravel lanes for police officers to have a safe place to pull-over vehicles that are breaking traffic laws.
The current changes also include installing signs with street names of approaching intersections for those travelers who might not know exactly where they are going.
“In the later part of April we met with elected officials from Borden and Clark County,” Bower said. “It’s exciting! We feel that if we work together, that’s a project that could become a reality.
“We met with Tony McClellan with INDOT and we hope this is the start of better things to come.”
Bower requested a study on Highway 60 and said the highway is the second most dangerous road in the 20-county INDOT district.
“McClellan is our commissioner who represents those 20 counties and his quote is, ‘You have our attention!’,” Bower said. “He indicated to me that if all the communities will work together, he could see it becoming a reality.”
When Bower talks about the “Project” becoming a reality he is refering to Highway 60 going from the current set-up to a “Super Two” like the State Road 56 from Salem to Scottsburg.
“They would go in and take out some of the turn radiuses and some of the elevation would improve and it would be a safer road for our grandchildren,” he said.
Bower said another large benefit will be economic development.
“The project would basically shorten the commute from our county to the Fall City area, which would have a positive impact on more businesses locating in our area,” he said. “We think it’s a good project.”