Courthouse is a great landmark in need of great repair PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 16 July 2014 09:05

The Washington County Commissioners got news they already new at their regular meeting on July 1 – the county courthouse is in need of major work. 

“Got a landmark structure here that deserves the attention you are giving to it,” said Ron Stiller with RCS Association. “It’s an amazing building, not just in Indiana but in the entire country. These courthouses are coming down quickly in terms of the ability to maintain and so forth.”

Stiller and Tom Johnson with Keystone Restoration to figure out what all the issues with a building that old are.

Stiller and Johnson gave the commissioners a report, which give them direction on where they need to go with the courthouse renovation.

The presentation by Stiller and Johnson opened the door to a lengthy discussion about the new roof the county had put on the courthouse recently.

The roof is still under warranty, but it has never been completed.

County Commissioner Attorney said they did a walk through a little more than a year ago and another one was planned on July 15.

Leslie Leis came to the commissioner’s meeting to give an update on the 2014 county fair.

“There were a few bumps in the road,” Leis said, “but we had a great fair. Crowds were good. There are no numbers yet. Carnival sells are up and the Demo was the biggest hit, as usual.”

Commissioner David Brown said there will be a list put together from all the power boxes.

“They will fix the list and then I need to have a meeting with the fair boards from time to time and we are going to concentrate on the most critical areas,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve ever done that. As far as the other grounds, they are looking pretty good.”

The commissioners allowed the Pekin Community Betterment Organization to use picnic tables at the fairgrounds for a food court area at the Pekin Fourth of July Celebration.

The commissioners also received a report on the Blue River Fire District and approved it.

Marshall presented a request to put a stop sign at a T intersection on Mann Road at Old Bear Creek Road.

“It has a blindside and we have people who drive fast through there,” Marshall said.

Scifres said he will put the request in the form of an ordinance and the commissioners will vote on it at their next meeting.

Five bids from insurance providers were opened and a special meeting to meet with the companies was scheduled for July 8.

The county highway department requested the commissioners release the county’s riverboat money for paving county roads.

“Right now it’s not appropriated,” said county auditor Sarah Bachman. “The money would have to be appropriated for that fund so it can be spent.”

Brown said there is enough funds to last until the county council’s next meeting in August and at that time they can appropriate the amount that is needed.

“Let’s get the numbers and see how much we can use and then get the appropriation and go from there,” he said.

There were discussions about restaurant inspections and length of grass at a cemetery in Fredericksburg getting out of control.

Brown said he would contact someone on the county’s cemetery board about getting that mowed down.

“We have people in place to do that and that needs to be getting done,” he said.

Replacing two culverts in Campbellsburg were also discussed.

“They have to be replaced, there is nothing we can do it about it,” Brown said. “We have a lot of traffic and school buses that travel that road.”

The commissioner’s approved a contract for Emergency Management, which allows that department to be reimbursed.

The commissioner’s next meeting is scheduled for July 15 in at the Washington County Government building.