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Thursday, 06 November 2008 00:00
?    If you were a child growing up in early 90's your past will be re-lived as “Christopher the Christmas Tree” comes back home to Salem on Friday, December 5 at Christmas on the Square.
    For the community who have a memory of Christopher, they can now share their experience with the younger generation, as Salem shares a celebration with writer, George Bowers of Salem.
    The vision of Bowers is to make Salem where Christopher the Christmas Tree is based.
    Christopher began in 1968 as Bowers, the owner of a Christmas tree farm, was out trimming trees and noticed a very small tree growing in the middle of two big beautiful trees. Bowers thought “Why can’t this little tree grow up to be a big beautiful tree that could be everyone’s tree. That is how the story of Christopher the Christmas tree came about. As he was out on the farm he began to sing and wrote the song of Christopher. As he watched year after year this tree grew big and beautiful.
    Bowers sang the song to his sister who then was a teacher and she said children would love to hear the song.  He then started performing concerts while playing the guitar and telling his story and singing his songs to children everywhere.
    In 1992 with the help of Lee, Eleanor and Chet Smith, Bowers got the chance to go to Nashville to record Christopher.
    In 1994, Christopher became an animated film and included over 22,000 hand drawn cells, which took three years to complete.
    “Christopher the Christmas tree will be shown on the courthouse lawn in a 26 minute DVD for children to enjoy.
    Along with Bowers, the animator, Chris Delaney with Delaney and Friends Animation of Vancouver and the producer, Chuck Glaser, Christopher the Christmas tree will be available to celebrate  coming home.
    Bowers will show children how to make “Whooty”, (a character in the book), ornaments which will be  made from pine combs. Coloring books, CD and the DVD will be available for purchase.
    The pine tree on the courthouse lawn will be decorated as Christopher appears with big eyes , big smile and bright lights.
    Christopher was shown on television in the 1990's and will air on TBN the month of December.
    Christopher has been heard all over the world, 89 countries and in nine languages.
    “I want to get the whole world to know Christopher and where he came from. I want to put Salem on the International map and help all the children.” stated Bowers.
    It has been over two years since Bowers has performed Christopher due some health conditions, but Christopher still lives deep in his heart.
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