One of two suspects in sale of guns to a minor arrested by sheriff’s deputies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 08:09

An alleged, illegal transaction of the sale of two handguns to a minor has resulted in the arrest of one of the suspects, leaving law enforcement authorities searching for the second man purportedly involved.

The arrest of Lanny Jay Dylan McIntosh, 22, Austin, was announced by the department on Friday, May 9. McIntosh has been charged with aiding in dangerous control of a firearm and conspiracy to commit dangerous control of a firearm, both Class C felonies; aiding in receiving stolen property and conspiracy to commit receiving stolen property, both Class C felonies; and criminal mischief, a Class A misdemeanor.

According to the probable cause affidavit prepared by Lt./Detective Mike Nichols of the Scottsburg Police Department, a Scottsburg man reported a Loricon handgun and some silver dollars as stolen from his residence on March 25.

Copies of text messages allegedly sent by one of the suspects was provided to Patrolman James Vires. One of the messages said that the texter, one of the suspects, was responsible for the theft of the gun and coins. Those messages had been sent to the victim’s daughter by an ex-boyfriend, it was learned.

When that young man was later contact in April, he purportedly told Det. Nichols that his phone had been stolen March 25 and that he had not sent the girl any text messages. He also denied involvement in the theft.

McIntosh told another story to the officer. He allegedly said that his friend had contacted him about how to sell the guns and coins “...because the police had come looking for (his friend),” the affidavit related. Further, McIntosh said his friend was going to throw his cell phone in a pond “ the police couldn’t get it.”

McIntosh reportedly admitted to accompanying his friend to the victim’s house on March 25 so that the friend could retrieve a phone charger. The victim’s daughter admitted them after, she said, McIntosh kicked at the door and damaged it.

The daughter said McIntosh did come in but left soon after. The other young man stayed until her father called and confronted him about the alleged thefts.

Later in April, the detective arranged a meeting with the minor who purportedly bought two guns after being contacted by McIntosh. The boy paid $125 for two handguns, later selling the Loricon to another individual. The minor said he was told that the guns were part of an inheritance.

The minor brought with him a chrome S&W five-shot revolver, one of two he said he purchased. When the theft victim was contacted, he discovered that his gun which met that description was missing from another area of the house.

The charges were filed against McIntosh and his friend on May 7. McIntosh appeared for an initial hearing in Scott Circuit Court on May 9. Judge Roger Duvall set an initial court date of September 30 for McIntosh’s trial. Bail was set at $40,000 corporate surety bond or $10,000 cash.

McIntosh told Judge Duvall he intended to hire an attorney to represent him. As of May 12, none had entered an appearance in the case.

Currently, McIntosh is being held without bail for 15 days per a State-filed petition for detainer and/or greater-than-standard bond.