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The Delaney Creek Longbeards hosted their 5th Annual Jakes Event on April 5th , 2014 at the Sara and David Day farm.
The day started at 8:30 with registration taken by Tiffany Hoke, Keith Day and Zanya Caudill.  Doughnuts and juice were served to a total of 97 youth and 93 adults attended the event.   
David Day got the day started and checking on all the stations.
Four round robin sessions were offered with a total of 20 instructors that worked with the youth.
Carlson Smith worked with the youth on outdoor skills. He talked about learning skills that would keep you safe in the outdoors and if you were lost.  Aaron Kaiser lent a hand with the measuring of steps for traveling distance.
Paul Branaman, Aaron Walker, Lisa & Tim Rose and BJ & Don Beighler worked with the youth on developing their form at the Archery range.  All youth had an arrow on the target by the end of each session.
Byron Fagg, Jimmy Howell, Jerome Losson, Nathan and Randy Bills worked with the youth at the Shotgun range.  Clays were thrown or balloons set up to be shot at this range.  Renee Lewis blew up balloons for all the youth to shoot.  All the youth were hitting one of the targets and learning to hold the shotgun correctly.
Bryan Baker, Michael Springer, Jason Webster, Heath, Mark and Hugh Nantz manned the Rifle range.  Youth were introduced to different rifles, styles and calibers.  Each youth were allowed to shoot what they wanted and learned about each one and the safety of the range.  All the youth were able to take home a target that they had been firing at by the end of the session.
A meal was served and prepared by Zanya Caudill, Pat Hendrixson , Pam Sherron, Sara Day, Aleta Baker and Marilyn Gilstrap at lunch for all attendees that included Colorado Elk Vegetable Soup and Sloppy Joes donated by Cottongim Enterprises.  Tim Rose – Frito-Lays donated chips for the meal.  Jeanie Losson agreed to come and help with the meal and be our nurse on duty.   During the lunch hour Hardy Lake DNR brought their birds for a program which the youth and adults enjoyed.
At the end of the day door prizes were given out to all Jakes from donations made by Bass Pro, Archers Choice, Buckmasters, Washington Co Sheriff, Muzzy and Delaney Creek Longbeards.
Other donators were Salem Lumber who donated lumber to make benches to sit on and  D & D Enterprises who donated ammo for the day.   Thanks to all those that made the Jakes Day a success.
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