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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

Two alleged drug traffickers who hid their “merchandise” in their bodies in apparent attempts to fool law enforcement officers are both scheduled for trials in county courts.

Brian A. Leep, 30, rural Scottsburg, was taken into custody on his birthday, April 4, on a warrant for escape. The warrant was filed April 3 based on charges filed against Leep in March for dealing in cocaine, possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia and operating a motor vehicle while adjudged an Habitual Traffic Offender. That case, filed in Scott Circuit Court, is scheduled for jury trial on August 25.

Deputy Jeremoy Arnold presented the warrant to Leep while the man was at the Scott County Community Corrections Department.

The probable cause affidavit noted that the officer conducted a “pat-down” of Leep, checking his pockets for illegal substances. He said he found a clear plastic baggie with a corner ripped from it, common for someone packaging drugs for distribution. He walked Leep over to the Scott County Security Center across the street from Community Corrections and handed him over to jailers there for processing.

About ten minutes later, one of the jailers contacted Deputy Arnold. The jailer said Leep was observed making “suspicious” movements during the booking-in process. Further study of the video indicated that Leep might have been trying to conceal something in his rectum, the jailer told Arnold.

Jailers did a strip search of the suspect, and one of them reported that a white object could be seen protruding from his rectum.

Deputy Arnold arrived back at the jail to talk with Leep. He said in that conversation, Leep admitted to having a gram of heroin hidden inside his rectum.

Leep was handcuffed to a bench in the jail’s book-in station while Deputy Arnold obtained a warrant for Leep’s arrest on possession of a narcotic drug, a Class D felony. Once the paperwork was completed, a jailer transported Leep to Scott Memorial Hospital for further examination. That officer later told Deputy Arnold that, as Leep and he were entering the hospital, Leep told him, “You all are wasting your time. You’re not going to find anything.”

Back at the jail, Jail Commander Doug Herald discovered an off-white powdery substance on and under the bench where Leep had been handcuffed. Deputy Arnold returned to the jail, noting that the substance “...was crumbled all over the floor and on the bench.” He collected the substance, placing it in an evidence bag, which he said weighed about a gram. The substance tested positively for heroin, the affidavit related.

Now, Leep is being held without bond on a 15-day petition for detainer filed by the Prosecutor’s Office. Thereafter, his bond on the new charge is set at $15,000 by corporate surety bond or 10% cash bond.

Leep appeared in Scott Superior Court on April 7 on his charge of escape, the charge reflected in the warrant served on him on April 4 for failing to observe conditions set for his release on bond in the March drug dealing case. A preliminary plea of not guilty was entered and a jury trial was set for July 8.

On April 10, Leep was back in Scott Superior Court, this time to enter a plea on the newest charge of possession of a narcotic drug. Again, a preliminary plea of not guilty was entered, and his jury trial was set for July 8. Bond on the charge was set at $45,000 corporate surety or 10% cash based on a motion filed by the Prosecutor’s Office requesting a higher-than-standard bond be set.

Additionally, staff of the Prosecutor’s Office also filed a motion to revoke his bond in the March case in Circuit Court. It too was granted, revoking his original bond and setting bail for the March case at $50,000 corporate surety/full cash.

Law enforcement officials had their hands full when yet another alleged incident of attempted drug smuggling occurred at the jail on April 9, this time involving a woman.

Deputy Shawn Mayer and Reserve Deputy Bobby Thompson attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Stephanie Ann Allman, 33, Scottsburg, at a residence on South Third Street. The warrant was based on a petition to arrest her for failing to appear on February 11 for a jury trial on another criminal matter in Superior Court. That case involved drug and paraphernalia possession, court records showed.

When the officers went to the South Third St. residence, Deputy Mayer knocked on the door, which was answered by a man. The man said Allman was at home and led the officer to the kitchen as Reserve Deputy Thompson went to the back yard.

Deputy Mayer said he saw a woman running through the back yard toward Scottsburg Middle School and alerted Reserve Deputy Thompson that Allman was fleeing. The reserve officer ran after her while Deputy Mayer followed another route in an attempt to cut her off from the middle school grounds.

As Deputy Mayer rounded the corner at Jefferson and South Fourth Streets, Reserve Deputy Thompson was yelling at the suspect to stop and turn around. She complied and Reserve Deputy Thompson handcuffed her and escorted her back to the officers’ vehicles on S. Third St. Reserve Deputy Thompson transported Allman to the jail.

A female jailer conducted a strip search of Allman because, as Deputy Mayer noted in his probable cause affidavit, the suspect had   been charged before with possession of controlled substances. A larger baggie containing two small baggies and another small baggie were located in the woman’s vagina during that search, the affidavit revealed.

When the substances were field-tested, Deputy Mayer reported one baggie contained heroin and the other two methamphetamine.

Seven charges were filed in Circuit Court against Allman, a Class A misdemeanor of fleeing a police officer, two Class B felonies of possession of methamphetamine and heroin, two Class B felonies of dealing in methamphetamine and heroin and two Class C felonies of trafficking in a controlled substance.

Allman is now scheduled for a jury trial on her newest charges on August 12. She is being held at the local jail in lieu of a $75,000 corporate surety bond/full cash. She is also scheduled for a trial in Superior Court on October 7 on 2012 drug charges.

A hearing on the petition to revoke in Circuit Court was set for April 15.


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