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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 00:00

The Sellersburg Celebrates! Committee have released the rules for the 2014 Sellersburg Celebrates! Parade. The parade will be held on Saturday morning, August 23 at 10 a.m. The parade will leave Haas Cabinet Company and travel to Silver Creek Township Park. The 2014 theme for Sellersburg Celebrates! is Community Pride!

The following are the rules for this year’s parade:

1. All applications for parade participants are subject to the approval of the Sellersburg Celebrates! Parade committee.

2. Lineup of the parade will be somewhat determined by the date of the application as well as appropriateness. All entries are approved upon the parade chairman receiving the parade application. Any concerns on behalf of the parade committee will be addressed with the individual responsible for the unit upon the parade chairman receiving the application.

3. Units should arrive at PRATHER LANE ENTRANCE to Haas cabinet Co. by 8:30a.m   on the date of the parade. All entries will receive their parade assignments at this time.

4. Floats should not be decorated in a way that will impede the driver’s vision or create a fire hazard.

5. All persons riding on floats must have handholds or other support.

6. Material may not be thrown from floats to the spectators (i.e. candy, toys, gum, etc.)

7. Floats or other units breaking down or impeding the movement of the parade will be cleared from parade route.

8. Units should attempt to carry out the festival theme. The 2014 theme is Community Pride.

9. The Sellersburg Celebrates! Parade Committee and Sellersburg Police Department reserve the right to remove any unit from the parade.

10. Candidates for political office may be represented. Placement in line will be based on the order parade applications are received by the Parade Committee.

11. Sellersburg Celebrates! Parade awards will be presented along the parade route during the parade following the parade. Judging will take place during the line up from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m.

12. Any parade entry that attempts to walk the parade route (i.e. cheerleaders, kids, etc.). Must be accompanied by a vehicle that can transport the walkers at any given time along the parade route.

13. Any entry that wishes to perform a routine (i.e. cheer, dance, tumble, etc.) is allowed to perform once and only for one minute. This is to keep things flowing smoothly.

14. The Sellersburg Celebrates! Parade Committee may find it necessary to institute other rules as parade plans progress. (You will be kept informed.)

In order to keep the parade route clean and safe for all involved, all animal unit entries must have necessary equipment to clean up after their animals.