Officers, inmates in Harrison County get a taste of their own medicine PDF Print E-mail
Police officers take an oath to protect and serve the community and incarcerated inmates are paying a debt to society. In some cases, the service of the officers and the payment of debt combine. 
Such is the case with the “Road Crew” in Harrison County.
Sheriff Rod Seeley with the help of his deputies oversee inmates working to clean the roads in the county.
Officer Daniel Evans, who oversees the Road Crew, said every major road in Harrison County got a once over last year.
During that time, they found 58 hypodermic needles, a meth lab and too much trash to mention.
On Wednesday, March 26, members of the New Salisbury Lions Club said thank you to the sheriff, his staff and the inmates for their work.
“We just wanted to come up with a way to say thanks,” said one of the Lions Club Members Elizabeth Reed. “Not only did we want to say thanks, but we wanted for them to come in, sit down and be served by us for a change.”
They hired Bill Hollingsworth to cater the meal, and Lions club members made desserts and home-made dinner rolls.
One of the inmates who got to take part in being served, Brent Bagby, said his favorite thing about the day was the people who came, which consisted of 12 members of the Lions Club.
“Oh seeing the people and their smiling faces was the best part,” he said.
Bagby, who is from Louisville, was almost speechless about the act of kindness.
“It really is a blessing for these folks to come and serve us,” he said.
Ed Foreman of Crandall agreed. He said he was blessed by members of the Lions club coming and he was enjoying the food, which was a step up from the normal fare served for lunch at the detention center.
A third inmate, Walter Davis of New Salisbury, saw more than the people and their smiles.
“I can tell these people are Christian,” he said. “It’s so nice of them to come here and do this.”
District Governor Molly Brown, who oversees 22 counties and 67 different Lions Clubs made the trip to attend the appreciation lunch.
She said there are great events like the one in Harrison County happening all throughout the district.
“Our organization is full of people serving their communities,” Brown said.
Sheriff Seeley was under the weather and couldn’t attend the lunch, but Officer Evans said he really sees the value and the road crew.
“Some of these guys are from the community and they really take pride in getting out there and making it look better and finding dangerous things that make our community safer,” he said.
Like the inmates, Evans said he was blessed by the Lions Club coming in to do the lunch.
“I honestly didn’t realize they were doing this, so it was a nice surprise when I got here this morning,” he said.
Members of the New Salisbury Lions Club who attended the appreciation lunch are, Betty & Jack Froning, Steve & Gerry Porenski,Leland & Dorothy Krush, Elaine Crawford, Mamie Burnside, Barbara Harrison, Janie & Charlie Crawford and Gary & Elizabeth Reed.
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