Tip Leads to Recovery of Large Amount of Heroin Hidden by Arrested Man PDF Print E-mail
A tip led jailers to recover what may have been one of the largest amounts of heroin to be found in Scott County, ironically from a prisoner at the local Security Center.
Brian Leep, 29, Scottsburg, had been seen by Deputy Jeremy Arnold driving in Scottsburg on Tuesday, March 11. Knowing Leep was an Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV), he stopped Leep and placed him under arrest for driving while an HTV.
A search of Leep revealed a large amount of cash, the officer related in a probable cause affidavit. He said he also found some paraphernalia and medication bottles.
While jailers were monitoring the secured facility on the evening of March 11, Leep was reportedly seen making “...strange movements underneath his covers...” One jailer described the man’s actions as “...someone trying to give birth.”
Entering Leep’s cell, jailers searched the area and Leep, reportedly finding a golf-ball sized rock in a clear plastic bag in one of Leep’s socks. A half-gram sized rock of what appeared to be the same substance was found in the man’s other sock.
Each “rock” was tested and results indicated that the substance was heroin, worth about $6,000 on the street, it was learned. The larger one weighed 26 grams, two shy of an ounce. Leep allegedly told jailers that he had retrieved the items from his rectum.
Leep’s initial court hearing was conducted on Thursday, March 13. A preliminary plea of not guilty was entered for him on charges of dealing in cocaine or a narcotic drug, a Class A felony; possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug, a Class C felony; possession of paraphernalia, a Class A misdemeanor; and operating a motor vehicle while an HTV, a Class D felony.
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Amanda Herald also filed a motion for a higher-than-standard bond and a Notice of Intent to file an Habitual Substance Offender enhancement in the case that day. The enhancement could add to any sentence Leep may receive from the case.
Leep’s bail was set at $100,000 corporate surety bond or $25,000 cash bond. His jury trial was set for August 25 by Judge Roger Duvall.
The suspect will return to Circuit Court on March 24 for a review of his status on obtaining an attorney to represent him on the charges.