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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 00:00



On Tuesday, February 24, the Scott County School District 2 School Board met to met the final decision on the future plans for the high school football program.

Superintendent Marc Slaton recommended the continuation of the middle school program in addition at the high school. The board denied the recommendation 3-2.

Despite the disappointment and those with very upset feelings shared by some students and members of the community, the decision was not made without much contemplation. One of the school board members opposed to the decision, Ron Moore, stated that much of his hesitation was based upon the future success of the program. “I want to make sure that if we do football again, or when we do football again, that it will be successful,” said Moore. “I believe very strongly that we need a three to five year plan to determine the future of our district, both in academics and athletics.”

Over 30 years ago, the football program was losing money according to William “Buff” Gardner who was the SHS Athletic Director during the football program’s 1974-75 season. This was the year that the program had their highest record of 9-1, however, there was still a loss of $10,000.

“Back then, it never was a money making situation, because we didn’t have the support or participation,” said Gardner. Moore, along with the other members of the school board have shown concerns in regards to the budget cuts that the Capital Projects Fund has seen in the last year.

According to District Treasurer Melinda Sparkman, the budget is comprised of roughly $1.9 million dollars. Law dictates that no more than five percent can be spent on athletics. Because of this, the district has approximately $80,000 to spend on all of the sports, combined, $31,000 of which is already tied up in the resurfacing of the tennis courts.

In addition to the CPF concerns, Moore hesitated to vote for the addition of a football program after considering the number of classes that have been dropped in both the middle and high school including Family and Consumer Science, Computer Applications, Driver’s Education and Physical Education. While many look at the financial situation of the program to be negative, Scott County School District 2 School Board President, Jason Kendall, who voted in favor of football felt as though the program could bring in potential gain, rather than loss. “As with any program, some of the factors that come into play include the financial impact to the school corporation. This includes equipment and facility upgrade cost along with yearly cost to keep the program going,” said Kendall. “There are also positive financial impacts to the district if we can retain current, or attract new students to the district.”

A presentation supporting the football program used data collected from the middle school league, reporting that one student transferred from Henryville in order to join the middle school football program this year. While the decision to implement a JV program at the high school was not passed, it is unclear whether or not the decision will remain permanent. Scott County Youth Football League President Cory Lytle, said this will not be the last time he pushes for the program. He plans to continue to push for approval from the School Board throughout the spring in hopes that the program will be revived.

“The fight this year hasn’t stopped,” said Lytle.

“Football has been brought up multiple times in the past 10 to 12 years. I don’t think this will be the last time it is discussed by the SCSD2 School Board,” said Kendall.

The board members were scheduled to hold a work session on Monday night, March 10, to discuss Socttsburg Middle School football, and the discuss future of the football program within SCSD2. More details will come in future issues of these newspapers as we obtain this information.