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Freshmen at Eastern High School got a taste of real life last Thursday as they took a field trip to Junior Achievement in Louisville. 
Students were given life situations and were tasked with coming up with a budget and then staying within that budget when making choices.
Some of the tougher choices were going for a cheaper cell phone package or slower than preferred internet speeds.
Basically the same decisions their parents are required to make on a month-to-month basis.
Students and parent volunteers alike agreed that the program was useful.
Ridge Hall said he never realized how much went into putting together a household budget.
While it was different than what he expected, Hall said he feels like the trip was worthwhile.
“Getting a sneak peek  at it  was  beneficial,” he said.   “It will help prepare us then we have to do it in everyday life.?”
Locally, Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana was founded in 1949 and incorporated with National Junior Achievement in 1950.
Junior Achievement is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization. This year more than 2,000 business professionals, parents, retirees and college students will enter our schools to teach Junior Achievement programs. These volunteers use their personal experiences to make the Junior Achievement curricula practical and realistic.
Providing children with positive adult role models, who illustrate ways to build self-confidence, develop skills and find avenues of success in our free enterprise system, is a hallmark of Junior Achievement.