Borden student acts fast when school bus loses driver PDF Print E-mail
Borden Freshman Ethan Popp didn’t realize when he was having a conversation with his bus driver about him taken over if she was unable to drive was about to become reality. 
Popp said on Sept. 12 they were going around the corner near where Jeff Hurst lives after school when he thinks the power stirring went out on the bus.
“The bus driver lost control and hit the culvert,” Popp said. “When we hit the culvert she flew out of her seat, fell down in the steps and the door somehow got bent perfectly to her shoulders.”
Popp said at that point he jumped up, yelled the bus drivers name and then had the mental alertness to jump behind the wheel.
“The bus jumped back on to the road and was heading to the other side toward a holler,” he said. “We were probably three or four feet from going over the hill.”
Popp, who is the son of Alison and Sandy said in addition to himself and Ms. Jackson (the bus driver) there were 14 kids on the bus at the time of the incident.
Once the bus came to a stop, the passengers got out at the emergency exit, which could have been dangerous considering where they were.
“I had to get them back on the bus because I didn’t want them standing in the road and get hit by a car,” Popp said.
Popp wasn’t intimidated by the size of the school bus because his grandmother, Connie Hurst has been driving a bus for 14 years.
“I remember her having me and my brother since I was three,” he said. “I remember her always telling me if anything ever happens to just pull over, stop the bus and radio the school.
Since the incident, Popp has gotten a lot of thanks for heroic actions.
“One parent stopped by and thanked me five times for saving the bus,” he said. “People have call and are so thankful, because it could have been worse.”
Popp, who is 14, said he drives all the time on the farm.
When he is not saving bus drivers and his fellow students, Popp said he spends time working on the farm, chopping wood and helping his dad with the house.
He said he plans to be a farmer one of these days.
“I just really enjoy being outside,” Popp said when asked why he wants to be a farmer. “It’s hard work, but when the day is over, it’s good work.”