Kentucky man causing recent incident at McDonald’s remains in local jail PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Tuesday, 12 November 2013 13:17

A Paris, Ky., man who stormed into the Scottsburg McDonald’s last week, causing a fairly scary incident, remains incarcerated at the Scott County Security Center.

Freddie J. Prater, 31, has been charged with criminal trespass and public intoxication in connection with the November 6 incident that brought Scottsburg police to the popular restaurant around 5 p.m. that Wednesday.

Prater had earlier been a passenger on a Greyhound bus. Sgt. Joe Nicholson obtained a statement from that bus driver, who told the officer that Prater had been smoking on the bus and had been asked to stop. Prater then went onto the bus’s restroom facility and apparently continued to smoke. That action caused the bus driver to stop in Scottsburg and tell Prater to leave the bus.

When Prater came out of the bus restroom, the driver said the man was carrying a knife. He allegedly announced, “Y’all are gonna have some problems now.” Prater got off as directed and went into the McDonald’s.

In the restaurant, Prater jumped the counter while carrying the opened knife.

He told the two managers, “Call the police before I kill them or they kill me.” None of the restaurant’s employees were thretened or harmed by the man, the managers said.

When police arrived, Prater had worked his way to the back of the restaurant’s food service area.

As Patrolman Trevis Burr approached him, Ptl. Burr said Prater dropped the knife and surrendered without incident.

Prater told Ptl.Burr and Sgt. Nicholson tht he was in fear for his life. He said his boss had hired people to kill him, so “...he wanted to get to a public place.”

The man also reportedly admitted having injected methamphetamine the night before. An Indiana State trooper arrived at the restaurant to assist. The trooper stated that Prater was displaying signs of being under the influence of that illegal substance.

At Prater’s initial court hearing on November 8, a preliminary plea of not guilty was entered for him on the misdemeanor charges.

Though bail was at first set for $15,000 corporate surety bond or 10% cash, the amount was lowered to $2,000 surety/10%.

Prater has been assigned a public defender and now awaits a jury trial on January 2.