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Throughout the 2013-14 school year, Green Banner Publications will allow readers to get to know local student-athletes better through a question and answer interview. 
Today we sit down with Eastern High School junior Khalil Powell.
Powell is the son of Louis and Nicole Powell.
Have you thought about college? Where you will attend? What you’d like to study? “I have thought about college but I don’t know what college I want to attend yet. I’m still looking at my options. I would like to study physical therapy.”
When did you start running cross country and when was it after you started running that you realized you could be successful at it? “I didn’t start running cross country until my freshman year.  I realized I could be successful at it after the first few races.”
You have been leading the way for Eastern this year? Is this the kind of season you expected to have? Better, worse or about where it is? “Yes, this is the season I was hoping to have.  Our team is doing great this year.  I couldn’t be any more proud of them.  As a team we have great potential, but I know we can do better. We have been pushing ourselves in every practice, working hard and getting better and encouraging each other to get better.”
As you guys near the end of the season, what are your goals? “As our season comes to an end, our goals are to win conference and make it to semi-state and hopefully run in the state meet.”
How about you as an individual, what are your goals to finish up the cross country season? “I would like to run in the state meet and get my PR down to the 15:00s.”
What goes through your mind while running a race? “During my races I really think about knowing when to pass the next runner and when to start my kick at the finish.”
Is there a memory in cross country at this point that stands out as one you will remember? “At Brown County this year, our team placed 3rd out of 21 teams in our division. Everybody got their PR’s and it was the best meet of the season so far.”
Do you do any other sports? What would you say is your favorite? And why is it your favorite? “I play basketball and run track. This (Cross Country) is my favorite sport because I am successful and I also really enjoy running.”
How many miles have you logged since the 2012-13 school year ended? “Not really sure.  I haven’t been counting.”
Finish this statement, “The 2013 cross country season will be successful if . . . the team wins conference and makes it out of sectional.”