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Rachel Ross, 33, formerly of Sellersburg, Indiana, formed Forget Me Not Ministries (FMN) in 2006 after five summers, a six month internship, and two years working directly with the abandoned children in state hospitals in Romania.  FMN works directly with the Roma (Gypsy) population of 3,000, which is one of the largest Roma communities in Romania.  Rachel and her daughter, Iza, first met when Ross cared for her in the state hospital.  Iza has been cared for by Rachel since she was one year old.  After a long process, the adoption was finalized in 2010.  Iza is now 10 years old.   
Urb and Michelle Wagner from Charlestown have recently returned from Romania, after living and working with Ross and FMN for a two year period.  The Wagner’s’ developed The Eden Project (a garden providing produce and jobs for Roma families), helped to begin Seeds of Hope (assistance and outreach to young Roma families), and helping at The Isaiah Center (life center for impoverished Roma families).
The Wagner’s also assisted in maintaining Joy Beadz, which is a micro enterprise, where Roma women are brought together to make 100% recycled paper bead necklaces and have been receiving a steady salary for ten months (a rarity among the Roma).  Joy Beadz jewelry is sold online, through churches and at events.  The women are also encouraged by Bible study regarding women in the Bible, prayer and support by other Christian ladies who love, encourage and support them in their efforts.
Chris and Stephanie Watkins, formerly of Las Vegas, more recently Dallas, Texas, have supported FMN in many different ways of the past several years, and felt led to commit a two year term of serving in Tinca.  The Watkins’ moved to Romania in January, 2013.  They are leading the Seeds of Hope Program for
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