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Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:00

A male suspect was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies on Friday, September 13, in Austin after officers found baggies of methamphetamine in a toilet.


Deputies Justin Cheatham, Jeremy Arnold and Rex Herald and Sheriff Dan McClain had traveled to Austin that day to talk to a woman about suspected drug activity on West Cross Street.

As Deputies Herald and Cheatham approached the house in Herald’s patrol car, they saw a man walking toward a car parked in the driveway of the house. When the officers stopped, the man reportedly turned back toward the house and began running toward its back door.

Deputy Cheatham said he saw the man throw down an object as he began running. He got out of the patrol car and identified himself and ordered the man to stop. Instead, the deputy said the man entered the house, causing Cheatham to chase him.

He noted in his probable cause affidavit that the man had tried to shut the back door by slamming it, but the door failed to catch, and the officer entered, seeing the man run through the kitchen into the living room and enter a bathroom.

Deputy Cheatham was in time to witness the man throwing an item into the toilet and flush it. He grabbed the man and handcuffed him and then looked into the toilet. He said he saw a plastic baggie in the water, which Deputy Herald then retrieved.

In the baggie were 13 smaller baggies, each containing methamphetamine, as a field test proved to the officers. The drug weighed 14 grams and appeared ready for distribution.

When Deputy Cheatham patted down the man, identified as James Donald Lucas, 53, of South Pine Hill Road, Lexington, he said he found a digital scales and rolling papers in one of the suspect’s pockets.

The item that Lucas had allegedly thrown away outside the house was another drug, Spice, also known as K2, the affidavit revealed.

Lucas reportedly told the officers that he was visiting at the house and that he had purchased the methamphetamine in Louisville.

Lucas is now charged with possession of methamphetamine above three grams with intent to deliver, a Class A felony, and resisting law enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor.

At his initial court hearing on September 16, a preliminary plea of not guilty was entered for Lucas. His jury trial was scheduled for February 1, 2014, and bail was set at $100,000 corporate surety bond/full cash.

Lucas will be represented by a public defender in the case.

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