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Jamie James Lykins, 24, has been arrested and charged with battery resulting in death and neglect of a dependent, both Class A Felonies. The charges stem from Lykins’ alleged involvement in the death of eight-month old Leelan Crain.
According to a press release issued Sunday, Sept. 8 by the Indiana State Police, Leelan’s mother and her boyfriend took him to St. Vincent-Salem Hospital by there personal vehicle after finding him unresponsive.
He was later transported to Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville by air ambulance and was pronounced dead at approximately 1:41 a.m.
An autopsy was performed on the baby at the Kentucky Medical Examiner’s Office in Louisville. The autopsy preliminarily determined the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head. The official and final determination of the cause of death to Crain will not be made until the autopsy results are complete which typically takes up to six weeks.
According to the probable cause affidavit obtained from the Washington County Prosecutor’s office, Salem Police Officer Tim Miller was called to St. Vincent on Sept. 7 by a nurse to investigate possible abuse of an infant child.
The affidavit said the injury pattern was inconsistent with statements of the adults who brought the child to the emergency room.
Miller identified the adults as the child’s mother, Casey Crain and her boyfriend Jamie James Lykins.
Indiana State Police Detective Dave Makowsky said in the PC Affidavit that Lykins told Miller that the child had sustained injuries from a fall from the bed where the child was sleeping.
The report said Miller then spoke with Crain who advised that the child had been crying and that Lykins was angry and took the child into the bedroom to put him down for a nap.
The PC Affidavit says that Crain told Miller she tried to intervene, but Lykins told her that he would take care of the matter. Crain stated that after a period of time, she went into a bedroom and found the child unresponsive. The affidavit said the parties advised that they called a friend to drive them to the hospital.
Dawn L. Walker told Makowsky that she was going to babysit Leelan at 6 p.m., but arrived late. He said in the PC affidavit that Walker told him when she arrived Lykins said, he had beaten the baby.
Makowsky interviewed Casey Crain. He reports in the affidavit that Crain said as soon as Lykins had taken the baby into lay down for a nap, he turned a country station on high volume. Crain allegedly told Makowsky that she heard the baby crying for for approximately 45 minutes, followed by silence.
Crain advised Makowsky she later went into to check on the baby and discovered he was severely bruised, not breathing properly and was semiconscious.
According to Makowsky in his affidavit, Lykins gave a different account. The report says Lykins, who had been dating Crain since the baby was one-month old, told him that Casey Crain put the baby down to sleep and he and Crain began watching television and then heard a thud they assumed was the child falling out of bed. Makowsky said Lykins told him they entered the room and discovered the baby on the floor with the injuries.
Makowsky said in the affidavit that medical personnel at St. Vincent and Kosair’s Children’s hospital both told him the injuries were not consistent with falling from the bed and were consistent with physical abuse.
As a result, Makowsky filed the charges.
Washington County Prosecutor Dustin Houchin said no other charges have been filed, but is still under investigation.
He said this has been a hard case not only for him, but for everyone involved.
“It’s been tough for everyone, but that has not affected the level of professionalism on this case,” Houchin said. “We are all focused on getting justice for this child.”
Lykins is being held at the Washington County Detention Center on an $80,000 full cash bond or $7,000 cash plus $360,000 surety or $2,000 cash plus, $720,000 property.