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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 12:44

After talking with constituents, attending classified briefings and listening to President Obama’s speech last night, Rep. Todd Young (R-IN9) released the following statement to clarify his position on the use of military force in Syria:

“For the past few weeks, I have been undecided, but leaning against, authorizing military strikes in Syria.  I was willing to remain open until President Obama could make his case to the American people, which he did from the East Room last night.  After listening to the speech, I have not been persuaded to support military action in Syria.

“Unfortunately, the speech left unanswered questions about whether or not the administration has a specific plan for a limited military action that will advance broader strategic objectives.  It also remains unclear what sorts of planning the administration is undertaking for various contingencies that might arise as a result of the strike.  This is consistent with the lack of detail I have received in classified briefings with administration officials.  At the very least, clarity and more forthcoming responses on these issues is necessary before I would consider supporting military action.

“I hold out hope that recent diplomatic developments will bring about a peaceful resolution to the situation.  But I also realize that a deal brokered by the Russians is unlikely to be, on balance, a very good deal, and will remain difficult to implement.  While we wait for the diplomatic track to play itself out, the White House must engage Congress in a deeper and more open manner than they have thus far.” –Rep. Todd Young


Indiana’s 9th District includes all or parts of Brown, Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Jackson, Johnson Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, Orange, Scott, and Washington Counties in south central Indiana.