After 30 Years, Football Comes Back to Scott County School District 2 with First Game Aug. 21 Featuring 7th and 8th Graders PDF Print E-mail

The Scott County Youth Football League was established on February 14, 2003 with the goal of obtaining a football program back into Scott County Schools. The details of this pilot program are still being worked out with the School District but it has its beginnings in the Scottsburg Middle School with the 7th and 8th graders and hopes to grow to the Varsity level in the future years. The SCYFL is very excited about this opportunity.


The School Board’’s decision was announced to the players and parents during a practice by SCYFL’s President Cory Lytle. This 10 year battle has been a very emotional process for some and brought several Board members and parents to tears as they were overwhelmed with joy. The past 10 years has seen a lot of changes with Board Members, coaches, volunteers and supporters all with the common goal of obtaining School Football for the Youth of Scott County.
The Scott County Youth “WarEagles” Football League will continue to be a community co-ed tackle football program beginning with kindergarten children. However, when they reach the 7th and 8th grade level it will continue into the Scottsburg Middle School being transformed into the  Scottsburg Warriors. The current Board members of the SCYFL are David Craig, Matt Mihalik, President Cory Lytle, Vice-President Debi Wolfe, Secretary Erin Combs and Treasurer Laura Howard. Anyone wanting to help further these endeavors may contact any Board Member. The “WarEagles”  will be hosting the season opener at the SMS football field on August  17. After 30 years of without football, the very first SMS Warrior football game will be played at the SMS Football field on August 21. Having Football back in school will help some of Scott County kids achieve  their goals and further other opportunities for them. Please come out and  support the “WarEagles” and the Youth of Scott County.