‘Suspicious’ actions of pair result in arrest of man for burglary, theft and drugs PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 11:10

The actions of two young men walking at 3 a.m. in a Scottsburg neighborhood were noted as “suspicious” by Sgt. Steve Herald, and eventually led to their detainment on drug and burglary charges.
Cody Williams, 20, Scottsburg, and his juvenile companion were each taken into custody by Scottsburg officers after evidence in a June 23 burglary reportedly pointed to their involvement.
Sgt. Herald noted that, as he talked to the pair, each appeared “...nervous and out of breath...” As he left them, the officer said they went toward the old corn factory near Lake Iola.
He was then dispatched to Campbell’s Motel, where he talked to the victim of an apparent burglary. The man stated that he had been asleep with the door of his unit left open by a friend. He woke up to see two males fleeing his room. He said they had stolen his wallet, which included identification, money and papers on a recently-purchased motorcycle.
Patrolman Travis Rutherford arrived to assist. He located the pair near the small lake and park, saying he saw them get into a red car and leave. Deputy Joe Johnson of the Sheriff’s Department stopped the car, holding the pair until Sgt. Herald and Deputy James Shelton arrived.
When the officer told them that they matched the description given to him by a burglary victim, Williams allegedly stated, “I didn’t go in the guy with the motorcycle’s room.” Haven’t not told them any details about the crime, Sgt. Herald handcuffed Williams on suspicion of his involvement.
As Deputy Shelton was getting the juvenile out of the car, the juvenile reportedly told him he had two syringes in his waistband. The boy also denied knowing anything about a burglary.
Juvenile arrangements were made for him, and he was eventually transported to Jackson County Jail at Brownstown, where a facility for juveniles is located.
Williams allegedly told officers he could take them to where some of the burglary victim’s papers were located. After he did so, Williams was transported to the Scott County Security Center. While he was being processed, the victim’s driver license and a credit card were found in the suspect’s waistband as was $84 in cash. A marijuana cigarette and a baggy of what tested positively for methamphetamine were found in the suspect’s shoe/sock area, the probable cause affidavit related.
Later, as Sgt. Herald was inventorying Williams’ belongings for storage at the local jail, he ran across an unusual pair of what appeared to be sterling silver opera glasses. A friend of the officer’s, who operates a jewelry and coin shop in Scottsburg, was contacted. The glasses may have been stolen from that individual, Sgt. Herald related in the affidavit.
Charges filed against Williams now include burglary, a Class B felony; possession of methamphetamine, a Class D felony; receiving stolen property, also a D felony; and possession of marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor.
A not guilty plea was entered for Williams at his initial court hearing on June 25. Circuit Court Judge Roger Duvall set a trail date of November 12 and appointed a public defender to assist Williams in his defense.
His bail was set at $50,000 corporate surety/full cash.
On July 1, Williams was transferred to Floyd County Jail in New Albany because of overcrowding in the jail in Scottsburg.