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After finishing up as first-runner up in the 2012 Miss Floyd County queen pageant, Reid Milam too that experience and took the top prize this year.

Milam was crowned 2013 Miss Floyd County at the 4-H fair on Monday, July 8.
She said she learned a lot from last year’s pageant.
“(last year) really helped me,” he said. “I wasn’t near as nervous this time around and was able to slow down with my answers.”
Milam admitted to being more than a little surprised when she heard her name called.
“They called the first and second runner-up and I thought, ‘Great, I didn’t get anything!’ and then couldn’t believe they called my name,” she said.
The surprise question that Milam had to answer during the pageant was “What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?”
Her answer may have initially caught folks by surprise.
“I told them I feel like I don’t have one great accomplishment, but instead have a lot of smaller ones that have helped me obtain my dream of going to nursing school in the fall,” Milam said.
Milam, who is the daughter of Tracy and Kraig Milam, graduated from New Albany this year and will begin her freshman year of college at the University of Indianapolis.
The dream of becoming a nurse was born from a desire to help people and listening to her mom’s stories about the profession.
“I always loved listening talk to her day and how exciting it was,” Reid said. “I also love helping people and that’s why I want to be a trauma nurse.”
Reid is a 10-year 4-H member and she said her favorite part of the fair every year is showing her animals.
Last year she won Grand Champion for Goat Showmanship and Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat.
Her favorite part about being queen was walking around after the pageant ended and talking to the kids.
“I love being a role model,” Reid said. “It was great walking around the fair and having the little girls come up and ask me if I am a princess. It was great.”
As for the pageant itself, Milam said her favorite part was getting to know the other contestants.
“I got to know a lot of great girls,” she said. “They are amazing. There were a couple who are in my 4-H club and I didn’t even know it, so it was great getting close to them and having more friends in my club.”
Now Milam and 90 other young ladies will embark on Indianapolis for the 2013 Miss Indiana Pageant.
While she had her nerves under control at the Floyd County fair, that likely won’t be the case at the state fair.
“I hear it’s so different,” Milam said. “We only have a small number of girls compared to the more than 90 up there. I am sure I will be very nervous, but it will be a great experience.”


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