Austin police chief catches man, juvenile allegedly in act of burglarizing home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 00:00

An man and his alleged accomplices are now facing serious charges in court over an alleged house burglary that occurred June 10 in Austin.
Derek Glover, 24, Sally McPeak, 60, and Glover’s 12-year-old alleged accomplice are all charged in the crime. The pre-teen literally nearly fell into the arms of Austin Police Chief Donald Spicer, according to the probable cause affidavit he prepared in the case.
According to that document, Chief Spicer received a phone call from a city employee who advised him of a reported burglary in progress at a home at the corner of South and Wade Streets.
When he approached the house in his unmarked police car, he said he saw McPeak sitting in a wheelchair near the home. McPeak is physically disabled.
As he sat in the car and watched her, Chief Spicer said McPeak “....looking around as if she was looking for someone.” He approached the woman, and they talked, McPeak telling the officer that there were two people in the house. She identified the pair by names, one being the juvenile and the other Glover.
Chief Spicer said he saw the boy climbing out of a window onto the house’s rear porch. Catching the boy as he climbed out, Chief Spicer said the child told him Glover was inside. The police chief ordered Glover to come out, and the suspect did so.
He allegedly told Chief Spicer he was looking for stuff in the house and that he did not have permission to do so.
When she was interviewed, McPeak allegedly told Chief Spicer that Glover had visited the same house earlier that day, bringing a box of DVDs back with him. She said he then asked McPeak and the boy to come with him to help. The pair gained entry by the same rear window.
Other witnesses came forward to say that they had seen the boy and man enter the house twice that day. They were reportedly using a grocery cart to hold the items taken.
Another man told Chief Spicer that the child, McPeak and Glover had been staying with him and that Glover had brought home some diecast models and DVDs.
He said Glover told him he’d found the objects in a dumpster.
Glover and the juvenile were taken into custody. The boy was sent to the juvenile facility near Brownstown until his court appearance could be arranged.
Glover was jailed at the Scott County Security Center. At Glover’s initial court hearing on June 11, he entered a not guilty plea to Class C felony burglary. A jury trial date of November 5 was scheduled by Judge Roger Duvall, and a public defender was appointed to help Glover.
He remains incarcerated in lieu of a $100,000 corporate surety/full cash bond.
McPeak’s charges of Class C felony conspiracy to commit burglary and and Class B burglary were filed on June 17. At her initial court hearing, McPeak was assigned the services of a public defender and a jury trial of November 12.
She was released on her own recognizance pending her jury trial.