Men who allegedly robbed elderly woman in wheelchair arrested same day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 00:00

Three men now face four felony charges each after allegedly robbing an elderly woman confined to a wheelchair in her Austin home on Saturday, May 11.
Suspects are Danny Bowling, 44; Scottie M. White, 40; and Casey D. Sizemore, 23. All reside in Austin. Each is charged with burglary, a Class B felony; conspiracy to commit burglary, also a B felony; and two Class C felonies, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.
Officer Greg Green with the Austin Police Department was dispatched to the victim’s home on Austin’s northeast side shortly after the alleged incident occurred. In talking to the 74-year-old woman, he learned that she had answered her front door after hearing a knock. Three men came into the living room without asking for permission to enter.
One went to her kitchen and got a glass of water, she related. Another man, who had mowed her lawn for her in the past, began talking to her about mowing for her this summer. The third man, she said, grabbed her wallet off her bed and started toward the front door.
The woman said she screamed at the man with her wallet, demanding he drop it, but she said the three left. The victim said she tried to retrieve a gun she kept nearby but was unable to do so quickly enough.
Taking as much information about the men as they could obtain from the victim, Austin officers began looking for the trio. Six hours later, an anonymous tip was given to Officer Green.
Supposedly, White had made some comments about having robbed a woman. Sizemore and Bowling also reportedly talked about being involved in the crime.
Armed with those names, Officer Green contacted Chief Deputy Don Campbell of the Sheriff’s Department for assistance. Green and Campbell, Patrolman Nathan Hall and Sgt. Robert Gudgel went to an apartment on Wilbur Avenue and found the trio. Bowling allegedly admitted to the crime and provided information where the woman’s wallet has been discarded.
All were taken to the Scott County Security Center in Scottsburg and incarcerated. Statements from White and Sizemore were obtained later. The probable cause affidavit related that the pair was intoxicated at the time of their arrests.
The story later provided by Bowling and recounted in the probable cause affidavit  indicated that the three conspired to commit the robbery. They had walked to the woman’s home at 2 p.m. that Saturday but, seeing a neighbor outside, decided to try later.
An hour later, they allegedly committed the burglary/robbery. Bowling said he and Sizemore were to distract the woman while White stole her wallet.
Currently, all are incarcerated at the local jail. Each man’s bond was set at $100,000 corporate surety/full cash by Judge Roger Duvall, who also entered not guilty pleas for each defendant.
Bowling’s jury trial date is October 7; White’s trial date is October 15; and Sizemore’s case will be tried October 21.
White and Sizemore are also facing a Notice of Habitual Felon Status filed by Scott County Prosecutor Jason Mount. White has accrued felony convictions of receiving stolen property in 2004, burglary in 2006 and promoting prostitution in 2009. Sizemore’s previous felony convictions include receiving stolen property in 2009 and 2010 and maintaining a common nuisance in 2011.
Habitual Felon Status can increase the amount of jail time allowed if the men are convicted of another felony.
All have been appointed public defenders to assist them in their cases.