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Sunday April 14th the Borden Community gathered to show their appreciation to the Basketball Team for all their work winning the state title.

The day started off at 1:00 pm with the winter athletic banquet. At the banquet the Girl’s and Boy’s basketball teams and the Cheerleaders were presented with several awards of recognition. At the end of the presentations Borden’s Boys Basketball coach Doc Nash was presented with a quilt made by his grandmother, Juanita Nash along with Betty McKinley and LeAnn McClure.
The quilt was a surprise and was made up with photographs of Doc with his family and while he was coaching. The quilt was a surprise and made a great emotional impact. When doc was ask to describe the composition of the quilt all he could say was, “Awesome.”
At 3:00 pm the Appreciation program began in the gym. An entire side of the gym was filled with supporters. A large screen was in the middle of the floor with the State Championship trophy setting to the left where the team was seated. On the right were the dignitaries.
School superintendent Monty Schneider spoke of the pride the school district had in the team’s accomplishments. County commissioners Jack Coffman and Rick Stephenson presented the team with a declaration designating a day as Borden Boys Basketball day in recognition of their accomplishments. Borden town council President Rudy Cook then presented a declaration from the council designating another day as Borden Boys Basketball day in Borden.
Then there was a presentation of quilts to the six seniors Billy Kirchgessner, Jalen McCoy, Cody Bachman, Michael Lynch, Adam Jackson and Evan Adams. The quilts were made by Coach Nash’s grandmother, Juanita Nash along with Betty McKinley and LeAnn McClure. They were composed of action shots from the game, the Washington County Tourney trophy shot and their picture from senior night.
Coach Nash was then presented a quilt made from all the championship T-shirts produced since he has come to Borden. Jeff Hurst, a staff member at Borden High School said, “Every time they have a T-shirt I buy one, wear it a few times and then put it in the closet.” Shirley Hurst, Jeff’s mother, got the idea of taking all the shirts and making a quilt of them and presenting it to coach Nash. So Jeff gave up his shirts and Shirley made the quilt.
Following these presentations there was an auction of four framed photographs and a commemorative basketball signed by all the players. Three of the photos were of post game activities at the State final and one was a composite of the players in different positions created by Vickie Saewert of Vic’s Action Shots, Martinsburg.
The photos were auctioned to Paul Brewer, Mike Carter, Myra Sue Wright and Valerie Russel, Cody Bauchman’s aunt who then presented it to Cody. The Photos raised $3,150.00 for the athletic fund. Then the bidding began on the basketball. It came down to Mike Missi and Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden. After a lot of excitement Sheriff Rodden won the bidding with a bid of $3,700. He then presented the ball back to Athletic Director Toby Cheatum to put in Toby’s trophy case he says he is building just for the State Trophy.
The auction was followed with a viewing of the first and last quarters of the state championship game, everyone stayed to watch.
To finish the afternoon, Vic’s Auction Shots produced 150 smaller versions of her photo composite of the players. They were sold as a fund raiser for the athletic department and all the players and managers lined up behind a table for an old fashion autograph session.


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