Woman’s alleged attempt to hide morphine in mouth at county jail fails PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 00:00

A woman’s alleged attempt to hide 27 morphine pills while being booked in at the Scott County Security Center is, really, one for the books.
Reportedly, jailers found 27 15 mg morphine pills in the mouth of Suzanna Buckner, 32, Austin.
Buckner was taken into custody by Capt. Paul Clute of the Austin Police Department  around 12 noon on February 27 after Buckner was identified by a resident as the woman whom he found standing inside his home on Wade Street. The man said he had come home to find the female intruder. He said when he told the woman that he was going to call the police, she fled. When the man checked his medications, he discovered his morphine pills were missing. After getting a description of the woman from the victim, Capt. Clute drove around the neighborhood. He soon spotted Buckner, whom he said matched the reported victim’s description.
Buckner told the officer that the alleged victim had let her inside his home. However, when Capt. Clute asked Buckner if she had any of the alleged victim’s property on her, he soon located a large prescription bottle in her coat pocket. The prescription was in another man’s name.
Determining that Buckner could also be inebriated, Capt. Clute took the woman in custody and transported her back to the victim’s house. She was identified. She was then placed back in the officer’s car for a trip to the county jail.
Capt. Clute stated in his report that Buckner partially stood up during the trip and was “...fighting around with her hands behind her back.” He had to secure the handcuffs on her again before taking her into the building.
When the officer checked his back seat, he found an opened prescription bottle with the victim’s name on it. One morphine pill was also laying on the seat where Buckner had been. Staff then allegedly found around 27 more pills in the woman’s mouth and eight other pills of a controlled substance in her pants pocket. An exact count of the number of morphine pills could not be determined because some were crushed and partially dissolved. Buckner is now charged in Scott Circuit Court with a Class B felony count of burglary and Class D felonies of theft, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a legend drug. She is also charged with a count of public intoxication, a Class A misdemeanor. Buckner has entered a preliminary plea of not guilty and been assigned a jury trial date of July 22. Her bond was set at $50,000 corporate surety or 10% cash.
A public defender has been assigned to the case.