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Clarksville came to Borden Friday night and as expected they were a challenge. Despite Clarksville’s 13 3-point baskets, Borden took Clarksville into overtime to take the win 56 to 55.

Clarksville came out strong, with 2:00 minutes left in the first quarter they had taken a 14 to 7 lead. Hitting four 3-point shots from three different players it wasn’t looking good for Borden. But the Braves kept their cool and with 3.4 seconds on the clock Billy Kirchgessner took the inbound pass, drove three-fourths of the court and scored to end the quarter trailing by only three points; 13 to 16 Clarksville.
The remainder of the half was much the same, Clarksville hit another three 3-point shots and Borden struggled to make up the difference with baskets and free-throws. Not only were both teams shooting well but they played great defense. In the sixteen minutes of the first half there were five one minute segments where no one scored. These were two teams intent on putting the other to the test as Clarksville maintained the lead at the half 29 to 25.
The third quarter defense was cranked up even more. Both teams played over three minutes without scoring. But Borden’s Michael Lynch and Jalen McCoy continued to lead the overall scoring assault as Borden fought to stay within reach. Borden still trailed the end of the third quarter 37 to 34.
Things changed a little in the fourth as Clarksville’s Calvin McEwen hit his fifth 3-pointer and Andrew Jones scored his first points with three 3-pointers. But Borden responded with McCoy started the fourth with Borden’s first 3-pointer and Josh Vollstedt hit another with 3:36 to play giving Borden a two point lead.
Trading a few baskets Borden maintained their slim lead up to 3 seconds to play when Clarksville’s Jones hit his last three of regular play to tie the game. This put them into a  four minute overtime.
Clarksville had been keeping very close track of their timeouts after last years loss caused by one too many timeouts and a technical foul at an inopportune time.
Thirty seconds into the overtime Clarksville’s Jones hit his fourth 3-pointer of the game but that was all they had. Thirty-five seconds later Borden’s Kirchgessner hit a field goal to trail by one. Then with nine seconds to play Lynch worked his way into the middle for a basket to give Borden the one point lead to take the win 56 to
After the game Borden Coach Nash commented, “They were aggressive tonight and we competed. I give credit to everybody on this team tonight. It is really difficult to get Vollstedt into the game at times and he did well in the fourth with his 3-pointer, that was a big shot.”
“When we play a team that hits 13 3-pointers and win, these guys are really tough.”
Leading scorers for Borden were; Lynch 15, McCoy 12, Kirchgessner and Bachman with 10.
Leading scorers for Clarksville were; Calvin McEwen 22, Adam McEwen 14 and Jones with 12.