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Dear Readers,

When my grandfather started our publications in 1933 we were printed with a Letter Press. Each line of a story was put on a piece of lead that was stacked up to make a story. Today we prepare the paper on our computers and send it to a much easier printing process.

To better serve our advertisers and our readers we have taken the computer generated paper further. We have an app (application) that you can download from the Apple App Store for FREE and will allow you to download the same paper, just as it is printed, into your iPad.
We believe that our printed newspapers have a long life and we are not changing how we produce them. But this will give you a convenient way to take it with you, read it anywhere, and it is the be the same as the printed paper.
Anywhere you can make an internet connection with your iPad you can get your paper updated each week. Once you have the paper on the iPad you can read it anywhere.
It will make the paper available to everyone in the world. If you have relatives that live in other states or part of the world, they can find out what is going on at home easily.
To our advertisers it will help spread your message. The reader no longer has to live in our delivery area, subscribe to the paper or go to the store to buy one. It will increase the number of people who see your advertisement and even allow them to conveniently bring it with them.
This will also appeal to the younger readers who prefer to read on the iPad. They can now receive the paper in a format they prefer.
To get your iPad version of the paper go to the Apple App Store and search for the paper’s name. Download the app then have it update. Each Thursday morning you will open the app and when the new paper is available it will ask if you want to download (update). Tell the iPad to download and receive that week’s paper.
For those that have a tablet that runs on an Android operating system, there is an app coming for you also. We will keep you informed when it is ready.
We are excited about this and when you see it you will be too. It is a great step forward and will make the paper more available for readers of all ages.
Come check it out!
Joe Green, Publisher