Coach says Kirchgessner needs to score for BHS PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 26 December 2012 00:00

Christmas is normally a time to give and share, but Borden Head Coach Doc Nash doesn’t want his guard, senior Billy Kirchgessner to be so generous.
Nash said Kirchgessner is a great passer, but thinks he does it too much, sometimes to the detriment of the team.
“He is our leader,” Nash said. “We had some dumb turnovers in the first half – dumb turnovers and missed layups to start the game. We got off to a horrible start and a lot of that goes on Billy’s shoulders. He is too unselfish. He is our leader in every category, including assists, but when teams don’t have to guard him, he makes it easier on the defense. Coach Newcomb figured that out and played him to pass.
Kirchgessner said his mentality has always been to distribute the basketball and admits it difficult to change the mind-set.
“It’s hard because in practice I pass the ball and really every time we are on the court I am looking for other teammates to get them going,” he said. “No one our team cares who the leading scorer is, so I just look to distribute the ball. It’s a hard adjustment to start looking to score after always looking to pass.”
It’s hard to imagine because Borden is off to a 7-0 start and really hasn’t been tested since the season-opening double over-time win over Eastern, but Nash said this year’s team won’t reach it’s potential unless Kirchgessner finds a good balance between scoring and passing.
“When he figures out how good a scorer he is, we are going to be really good,” Nash said.

The real McCoy
Borden’s Jalen McCoy only had 13 points in the Braves’ win Friday over Eastern, but all of his points seemed to come at crucial times.
Nash stopped short of calling McCoy the best shooter he has coached at Borden, but said the senior is in the conversation.
“Jalen wants that big shot,” Nash said. “He has the green light to take it any time he wants. McCoy is one of the best shooters we’ve had in my seven years. I won’t say he is the best because we’ve had some pretty good ones, but he is one of the best.
“He has the green light and he is going to make a high percentage of them when his feet are set and he has time to get it off.”
Like wanting Kirchgessner to find a balance between scoring and passing, Nash said other people are going to have to pick up their game offensively as teams adjust to McCoy’s ability.
“The thing we have to realize is that our opponents are going to start figuring out how good a shooter he is,” Nash said. :They are not going to help off him as much and that’s when our other guys have got to step up and put the ball in the hole for us.”