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Written by George Browning   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 00:00


When the Washington County Council meets for the first time in January, two long-time members will not be part of the group.

Neither Merwyn Fisher nor Mark “Doc” Manship sought re-election.

Fisher has served as a councilman for 28 years and Manship is finishing up his 12th year.

Both were given the opportunity to address their fellow councilmen and the patrons in attendance at the regular meeting Dec. 3.

“I just want to thank everyone I've served with,” Fisher said. “I thank the county employees and the county office holders for the good relationships I've had over the years.”

He also thanked Michelle Fleenor and Sarah Bachman, as well as council attorney Mark Clark.

“I'd like to echo (Merwyn's statement),” Manship said. “It has been an interesting 12 years and I've really enjoyed it. There comes a time for everyone to move on and my time has come. I think the council has changed in a lot of ways over the years and I wish you all the best.”

On behalf of the entire council, David Hoar thanked both men

“The county is indebted to your services,” Hoar said. “You've not only spent a lengthy amount of time in public meetings, but also in time doing research. We appreciate your dedication.”

Council President Ben Bowling presented both Fisher and Manship with plaques.

Both also took parting shots at each other.

“With Merwyn and I off the board, the meetings will be more boring,” Manship said.

Fisher shared a story about when the was serving as a state legislator.

“In 1978 I was in the Indiana legislature and our son was with me,” he said. “Somebody brought a little kid goat and my son got but by this goat. There happened to be a doctor there and he was panicked and said I had to get him to the emergency room.

“We took him and they bandaged him, but the point of this story is that it's probably the only time any kid has been bit by another kid in any legislature in any of the states.”

Fisher also shared that he was a big promoter of allotting money for county roads and recalled the time Manship rolled on the floor after he proposed a certain amount of money to be used in that area.

The open council seats will be filled by Gerald Fleming and Jonathan Spaulding. They begin their term on January 1.

Fleming's and Spaulding's first meeting will be in the county government building on January 7.

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