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Written by George Browning   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 00:00

The Washington County Council included a hiring freeze in the salary ordinance for 2013.
The freeze puts a hold on replacing anyone who would leave a county position.    
Councilman Mark Manship made the motion for the freeze.
“I’d like to make the salary ordinance for each individual position as long as that position is occupied,” he said. “If that position becomes unoccupied for whatever reason, retirement, termination or health or death, the funding for that position is withdrawn, pending a request by the commissioners and approval by the council to reinstate the position, in affect putting in a hiring freeze.”
Ben Bowling seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.
Councilman David Hoar said not filling open positions could help to off-set some of the expected financial short-fall.
“We do have some positions who will be retiring and stuff and as we go into the budget process, we know from the state we are going to have to make some additional cuts and this could help,” Hoar said.”
Outside of the hiring freeze, the ordinance is the same as the 2012 ordinance.
“There are no pay raises and there is no movement of increasing of positions like third or second deputies,” Hoar said. “The ordinance is basically the same as it was in 2012.”
County Council Attorney Mark Clark said the probation office may have had a salary adjustment, because those salaries are mandated by the state.
“Anything the council has control over, you’ve not made salary adjustments,” Clark said. “Just in case someone looks and says, ‘the probation officer got a raise!’ you guys can say that’s true, but the state mandates based on years of service and education, what they get.”
In other business

Court costs
Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock asked the council for money to pay the jurors from the county’s most recent trial.
“We’ve had a trial and we are schedule to have another trial before the end of the year,” Medlock said.
Medlock asked for two additional appropriations in the amount of $10,919, but said he could get by with less.
“I would like that amount, but I could live with about half of that,” Medlock said. “
The possible upcoming trial involves land acquisition for the bypass project.
Manship made a motion to approve the amount and Bowling seconded it. The council approved unanimously.
“If we don’t have the civil trial, we should have some money left over,” he said.

The council voted to approve a number of transfers and additional appropriations.
One of the transfers was to move $12,500 in the sheriff’s budget from meals to gas and lube.
The council also voted to transfer several funds in the circuit courts budget in the amount of $2,304.89.
The amount of $5,736.11 was transferred from various Delaney Park funds and put into the parks fund to pay utilities and life guard pay.
In the reassessment fund, an additional appropriation in
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the amount of $14,000 was requested and approved for legal services.
Sheriff Claude Combs requested and the council approved an appropriation of $39,000 from county corrections into motor vehicle which will be used to purchase a new car for the department.

The council was set to make appointments for various boards, but only took action on one, voting to keep Bob Hoar to the Plan Commission.
The Plan Commission has to have the slate together by their meeting in January for officer election.
Councilman Ben Bowling asked to table the remainder of appointments due to the fact that Gerald Fleming and Jonathan Spaulding will join the council and may have interest in serving in one of the open positions.
The council’s next meeting will be Monday, Jan. 7.