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If your from Borden or Eastern (Pekin) you know this is an old rivalry that makes for great basketball. This game was all that and much more; two overtimes more. In the end someone had to loss and both teams gave everything they had. Borden finally willed out over Eastern 79 to 76.

At first look you would think it would be Eastern’s size versus Borden’s pressure and determination. But the first quarter was a shooter’s quarter. Eastern’s Jackson picked up three 3’s and a basket backed up by William’s 3. Borden’s answer was McCoy who picked up a pair of 3’s and two baskets backed up by returning Bachman’s pair of baskets.
Eastern’s good shooting was slightly outdone by Borden’s press and pushing inside then back out to McCoy. The first quarter ended with Borden leading 16 to 15.
In the second Eastern’s press caused a few problems for Borden as they turned the ball over three times in the quarter. Two 3’s from Olesh and another from Jackson gave Eastern another 15 points for the quarter. Borden picked up a three and a couple baskets but also started a pattern that would eventually give them the edge hitting 4 of 5 free throws as the continued to push inside on slicing drives. Borden’s tight defense continued to keep Eastern from taking advantage of their size advantage. The half ended with Eastern taking a 30 to 27 lead.
Borden seemed to go flat in the third quarter. Borden shot selection wasn’t good and they didn’t drive like they had in the previous quarters. They hit 3 of 4 free throws but added only four baskets. Eastern managed to push inside better taking advantage of their height. With five players scoring in the quarter Jackson lead Eastern to a big quarter picking up another 7 points to their lead giving them a 48 to 38 lead.
Eastern’s coach Newcomb warned his team, “they are going to come after us”. And come they did. Borden drove the lane hard picking up several Eastern fouls. With only three baskets Borden hit 16 of 18 free throws to score 22 points for the quarter. The last two came from sophomore Ruedinger with four seconds to play. But damage had been done as Borden’s starter Bachman fouled out with approximately two minutes to play. Starter Vick followed a minute later.
Eastern also only had three baskets and did go six for six at the free throw line but gave up their ten point lead. Three turnovers in the last two minutes provided opportunities that Borden took advantage of.
As great rivalries go the regulation game ended in a 60 to 60 tie.
In the first overtime Borden picked up another six of eight free throws with a basket from Kirchgessner as they went into a ball control offense. Eastern two 3’s from Doebler, how had not scored all night, and a basket from Jackson with one second to play tied them back up at 68 all.
The second overtime, Eastern opened in a half court trap defense. Borden’s good ball handling and passing created more opportunities at the free throw line. An early basket by Kirchgessner and nine of ten free throws was enough. Eastern picked up two 3’s and a basket to end up short by three points. Borden 79 to Eastern 76.
Borden’s coach Nash said, “Reudinger stepped up big. We didn’t change our plan at the half, we wanted to shoot a lot of free throws and give up a few 3’s to keep them out of the middle.”
Eastern’s coach Newcomb committed, “We went the distance and the players were in good condition. In the fourth quarter Borden pinched up inside and they got back into the game. I told them they were going to make a run at us but we had some foul trouble. It was a good team effort, our post players played hard.”
Borden’s leading scorers were Kirchgessner 19; Lynch 17; and McCoy 13. Borden hit 38 of 46 free throws.
Eastern’s leading scorers were Jackson 32 and Olesh 10. Eastern hit 11 3’s for the game.
Vs. Shoals
Borden went to Shoals Saturday night. Shoals on paper looked like a potential problem with Jon Sherfick at 6’8” in the middle. But there was a plan and it worked well as Borden came away with a 62 to 38 win.
When talking to coach Nash after the game he said, “Everyone played well, Billy (Kirchgessner) played well ask him what the plan was.”
Kirchgessner stated, “We passed and rebounded well. When it came to Sherflick we fronted him and had a second person on his back when he got the ball.”
Borden’s leading scorers were: McCoy 16, Lynch 12 and Vollstedt 11. Borden picked up seven 3’s but only hit 13 of 27 from the line.
Shoal’s leading scorer was Kimmel with 17.