February meth bust cases nearly closed PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 00:00

Washington County law enforcement officers spent a lot of time earlier this year attacking the meth problem in the area.
They made 18 arrests and took 14 meth labs off the street.
Since that time, Washington County Prosecutor Dustin Houchin and his staff have been busy wrapping those cases up.
Of the 18 arrests, 13 sentences have been handed out and four others have pled guilty to charges, but have not been sentence.
“We are pretty lucky in the relationship we have with the state police and the city and county police,” Houchin said. “We all work really well together and are willing to concentrate resources in the county. (The 14 meth labs shut down) are a result of that.
“It was a large number of cases coming through at once, so it took a lot of time to get through them, but I am happy to get them done.”
The following is a list of those convicted and the sentences they received:
Shawn Hunkenbein, 10 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) with three years suspended.
Daniel Ledford, 15 years in the IDOC, one year suspended.
Justin Klinglesmith, 13 years IDOC, four years suspended.
Wesley Dicus, 10 years IDOC, two years suspended.
Kristen Hacker, 10 years IDOC, two years suspended.
John Losson, 10 years IDOC, two years suspended.
Allison Klinglesmith, 11 years IDOC, one year suspended.
Lacey Jackson, 12 years IDOC, three years suspended.
Tonya Campbell, 10 years IDOC, three and a half years suspended.
Darren Terrell, 10 years IDOC, zero suspended.
Stacey Sparks, 545 days IDOC, 356 days suspended (charged with and plead to possession of meth).
Sherry Nunley, 545 days IDOC, 537 suspended, 180 days home detention followed by probation (charged with & plead to maintaining a common nuisance and neglect of a dependent).
Robert Nunley, five years IDOC, zero suspended (charged with & plead to possession of meth precursors & neglect of a dependent).
The following people have plead, but have not been sentenced: Josey Wells, Jason Atkins, Valerie Dicus and Frank Sparks.  
One of the cases involving Heather Warman is still pending.
Houchin said shutting down the labs put a dent in the availability of the drug locally, but said people will always find a way to manufacture the drug.
“Meth is a seriously problem and what it takes are efforts like this,” he said. “It’s a problem we will have to continue to fight.
‘The tools of putting the medicine needed to make it behind the counters and limiting purchases are certainly helpful. Those things help with the problem, but it also shifts the problems to other areas. Meth labs are smaller and harder to detect. People also switch to different drugs when it gets difficult to make meths.”