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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:34




Austin Sports Correspondent

'Tis the season for popcorn, half-and-half tickets and three-pointers in Austin!

The Austin Lady Eagles eagerly began the 2012-13 basketball season after much practice on November 13. The girls opened their season hosting the visiting New Washington Lady Mustangs in what became a successful beginning.

The Eagles started the game with players Jessie Davidson, Kamry Howard, Kourtney Mace, Brenna Oeffinger and Megan Smith. Oeffinger gained the first possession for the Eagles, but the team struggled with 4 unanswered shots and several turnovers before Davidson could force the first basket with 5:41 on the clock.

Both teams displayed sloppy offense with many aggressive turnovers, jump balls and rebounds that left players fumbling on the court. With no luck behind the arc and only 2 scoring players, the Lady Eagles trailed the Mustangs 16-9 when the first buzzer sounded.

Again, the Eagles struggled throughout most of the second period. First game jitters made the players incapable of making even the easiest of baskets. Then, Oeffinger went up and drove in a easy two, and Mace immediately responded with a steal and a swish.

This seemed to be the Eagles' turning point. With 2 minutes left on the clock, Davidson broke the team's bad streak and made a three, sealing the comeback. At the half, the Eagles went into the locker room with a 24-20 lead.

Eager now to perform, the Lady Eagles easily made the third quarter one of rebuilding. With obvious better luck at the opposite end of the court, players found a groove and made countless, easy lay-ups, despite the Mustangs' strong defense.

Those eight minutes ended in a solid lead of 41-33 for the Eagles.

Starting off the last quarter with weak offense and constant jumpballs and turnovers, the Eagles allowed the Mustangs to get within 6 points. Both teams' passions turned to aggressive defense, causing junior Brenna Riley to foul out early in the quarter. Senior Lady Eagles, however, demonstrated a solid finish, making the last quarter their highest scoring period. The final score was 63-45.

Davidson was the Eagles' top scorer. She shot 82% at the free throw line and ended up with 26 points. Oeffinger grabbed 15 points that night, while Smith had a dozen, Howard 6 and Mace and Riley each had 2.

The thrilling comeback left fans and supporters anxious and excited to witness the rest of the girls' season. An enthused fan even made a successful half-and-half shot, getting nothing but net on the try.

In the junior varsity game, the younger girls pulled out a 29-23 victory over the Mustangs, making both Austin teams' records 1-0 to start the season.