Clark County voters make voices heard, changes made in local races PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janna Ross   
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 09:09

Last Tuesday Clark County voters had their chance to voice their opinion for the leaders of Clark County and the country. Many voters were met with long lines to cast their ballots but were not deterred from waiting. Voters made their choices for the best person for the job from the local school board races to the State Governor race to the President.
The following is a summary of Clark County results:
In Clark County there are 88,631 registered voters. In the general election 47,806 ballots were cast for a 53.94 voter turnout in Clark County.
A straight party ticket was cast 9,664 times for the Democrat Party and 9,505 times for the Republican Party. The Libertarian Party collected 329 straight party ticket voters.
President and Vice President
Republican Mitt Romney took 25,422 votes or 53.84 percent while President Barack Obama received 20,775 votes or 44 percent while Libertarian Gary Johnson received 865 votes or 1.83 percent. A write in candidate received 155 votes or .33 percent.
US Senator
Democrat Joe Donnelly received 22,743 votes or 49.30 percent while Republican Richard Mourdock received 21,101 or 45.74 percent and Libertarian Andrew “Andy” Horning received 2,259 votes or 4.90 percent. A write in candidate received 26 votes or .06 percent. 
Governor and Lt. Governor
Republican Mike Pence received 24,322 votes or 52.87 percent while Democrat John R. Gregg received 20,108 votes or 43.71 percent. Libertarian Rupert Boneham received 1,548 votes or 3.36 percent. A write in candidate received 26 votes for .06 percent.
Attorney General
Republican Greg Zoeller received 25,762 votes or 57.26 percent while Democrat Kay Fleming received 19,226 votes for 42.74 percent.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Republican Tony Bennett received 23,225 votes or 51.20 percent while Democrat Glenda Ritz received 22,134 votes for 48.80 percent.
US Representative in Congress- District 9
Republican Todd Young received 23,576 or 51.10 percent while Democrat challenger Shelli Yoder received 22,517 votes or 48.81 percent. Write in candidate received 41 votes for .09 percent.
State Representative-
District 66
Republican Justin Stevens received 4,321 votes or 51.80 percent while Democrat Incumbent Terry Goodin received 4,021 votes or 48.20 percent.
State Representative-
District 70
Republican Rhonda J. Rhodes received 5,347 votes or 64.72 percent while Democrat Terry L. Miller received 2,915 votes or 35.28 percent.
State Representative-
District 71
Steven R. Stemler, Democrat, ran unopposed. He received 19,374 votes.
State Representative-
District 73
Republican Steve Davisson received 1,783 votes or 62.45 percent while Democrat Sandra Blanton received 1,072 or 37.55 percent.
Judge Circuit 4
Vicki L. Carmichael, Democrat, ran unopposed. She received 31,474 votes.
Republican Terry Conway received 23,947 votes or 53.99 votes and Democrat John Hall received 20,404 votes or 46.01 percent.
Commissioner- District 1
Republican Rick Stephenson received 23,065 or 51.68 percent while Democrat incumbent Ed Meyer received 21,569 votes or 48.32 percent.
Commissioner- District 2
Republican Jack Coffman, Sr. received 22,972 votes or 51.76 percent while Democrat incumbent Les Young received 21,407 votes or 48.24 percent.
Voters chose three council members to represent them on the Clark County Council At-Large Seats. Democrat Susan Popp received the most nods with 22,539 votes or 18.50 percent while Democrat Kevin Vissing received 21,046 votes or 17.28 percent. The third vote getter was Kelly L. Khuri, a Republican, receiving 20,724 votes or 17.01 percent. Republican Ryan Lynch received 19,393 votes or 15.92 percent while Democrat Brenda Ross received 19,141 votes or 15.71 percent and Republican Ronald Brogan received 18,960 votes ore 15.57 percent.
Greater Clark School Board- District 2
Clay Anthony “Tony” Hall received 10,184 votes or 45.57 percent while Vickie Boisseau received 9,535 votes or 43.61 percent. Fred W. Krenke received 2,147 votes or 9.82 percent.
Greater Clark School Board- District 5
Christina Gilkey received 12,831 votes or 55.92 percent while Dale Moss received 10,114 votes or 44.08 percent.
Greater Clark School Board- District 6
Jerry D. White received 11,939 votes or 54.54 percent while Alice Dorman Butler received 9,953 votes or 45.46 percent.
Greater Clark School Board- District 7
Teresa Bottorff-Perkins received 12,343 votes or 55.20 percent while Rebecca (Becka) Christensen received 10,016 votes or 44.80 percent.
West Clark School Board At-Large
Voters were to vote for no more than two candidates. Joe Basham received 4,633 votes or 28.26 percent and Richard L. Graf received 4,157 votes or 25.36 percent. Robin Long received 3,699 votes or 22.56 percent and Nick Ray received 2,043 votes or 12.46 percent while Celia Adams Winters received 1,861 votes or 11.35 percent.