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Wednesday, 24 September 2008 00:00
    The Washington County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday afternoon with all members present. The minutes of previous meetings, payroll, and all claims were approved unanimously.
    While giving a summary of the September 9 Washington County Council meeting. Commissioner Mike Goering outlined a proposal to remedy the current impasse between the Commissioners and the Council over the use of County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) revenue.  Last month, the Council declined to appropriate the CEDIT and Special CEDIT funding until the much reported overspending issues uncovered by the Indiana State Board of Accounts could be resolved.  
    Citing the minutes of a March, 1989 Council meeting, Goering said that the CEDIT tax was set up with the understanding that the revenue would be used for road paving.
    However, in a surprise move, Goering suggested that it may be time to revisit that concept and to revise it to a point where 75 percent of CEDIT and Special CEDIT revenues would be earmarked for road work and 25 percent left to be used for other economic development activities.     Goering requested that the Commissioners adopt his proposal as a matter of policy but Commissioners Lana Sullivan and Byron Green expressed a desire to discuss the proposal with the members of the County Council at their joint meeting on October 6. 
    The proposal was tabled until that meeting.
    In other business, the Commissioners heard from individuals concerned about anticipated changes in the program that provides transportation for veterans who go for medical services in Louisville or at Ft. Knox. 
    Recently, the Commissioners have discussed purchasing a van through a Veterans Administration program to ensure that the Washington County veterans still have access to the needed services.  Earlier this month, the County Council appropriated the funding for the van and a per diem for volunteer drivers.  The Commissioners agreed to do everything possible to expedite the purchase of the van.
    Kyle Swango informed the Commissioners that the mechanical excavation of the archeological dig east of Salem should be completed by the end of next week.  Swango, a member of the excavation team gave an update on recent discoveries and invited any interested citizen to stop by the dig while the team was working.
    Green discussed concerns about certain intersections on Vincennes Road with County Highway Department Superintendent, Rick Graves. Green said that several farmers have contacted him saying that those intersections are too narrow for semi trucks to make safe turns.  Green and Graves agreed that additional gravel could be laid on the shoulders of those intersections to help alleviate the problem.  Graves said the issue would be addressed within the week.
    A discussion over the cost and availability of road salt for this winter took place with Graves saying that the going rate this year is $130 per ton. Goering said efforts are underway to explore the possibility of counties being able to purchase salt from the state. According to Goering, the state is currently paying $60 per ton.
    County Councilman Merwyn Fisher addressed the Commissioners saying that the Council welcomes the opportunity to meet with the Commissioners in an effort to work out the differences between the two groups. Sullivan noted that the Commissioners also welcomed the opportunity to discuss the well publicized differences, saying that what is being done now is not working.
    Sullivan announced that the Highway Department received $66,253.83 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for repair work on the Sparksville Road.  That amount covers 75 percent of the total repair costs.  The Washington County Community Foundation has agreed to seek grant monies for the additional 25 percent.
    Graves took note of the efforts of volunteer firefighters in helping his department to clear roads of fallen trees and debris after the recent storm.
    As a final piece of business the Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt an agreement that brings 2 percent of the Harrison County Riverboat revenue to Washington County.
    With no further business to conduct, the Commissioners adjourned until their next scheduled meeting on Monday, October 6.
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