Local councilman, wife arrested for Domestic Battery PDF Print E-mail

The Sellersburg Police Department  received a 911 call on Wednesday, September 5 at 11:43 p.m. Officers responded to the call on Silver Glade Trail regarding possible domestic battery.

Upon arrival officers spoke with Danny Francis Yost, 53, who placed the 911 call, and Mary Teresa Yost, 54.
After further investigation officers arrested both subjects for domestic battery.
“Under current domestic violence laws, if there are obvious signs of some type of battery, the law says you shall arrest,” stated Sellersburg Police Chief Russ Whelan. “It takes away any discretion under the laws in the State of Indiana.”
The initial argument allegedly came due to Danny using Teresa’s laptop. The situation escalated to the 911 call to police. Officers arrived to the residence and witnessed Danny had a form of wite out on his cheek from his left eye. He stated to 911 dispatch that his wife had “threw wite out.”
“Mr. Yost stated his wife threw wite out in his eyes in the 911 call, those are his words, not ours,” stated Whelan. “She says he twisted her arm and punched her in the belly. When she was at the station, she was complaining of wrist pain. Her main complaint was wrist pain from it being twisted. There is little room for discretion in this case for the officers.”
Once the couple were under arrest, they were transported to the Sellersburg Police Department for processing. The two were separated for further questioning. According to Chief Whelan, there were two incidents while Teresa was being processed.
“There were two incidents. The first one, she (Teresa) slipped out of the handcuffs. The officer seen it through the window. She initially tried to say the other officer took the handcuffs off, which was inaccurate. The handcuffs were put back on, behind her back. And, as soon as officers were not looking, she went over to the bulletin board and got a thumb tack off the board with her mouth,” Whelan explained. “She had the thumb tack in her mouth and would not spit it out. Officers did not want her to do harm to herself. She was told several times to spit the thumb tack out. After being warned several times to spit the thumb tack out with no compliance, she was drive stunned with a taser in the lower back area. Then she did spit the tack out.”
Whelan continued, “After that, they were transported down with no more incidents from her or Mr. Yost. They were turned over to corrections officers at the jail.”
Danny Yost was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery, a Class A Misdemeanor. Teresa was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery, a Class A Misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct, a Class B Misdemeanor and Resisting Law Enforcement, a Class A Misdemeanor.
“We arrived in three minutes and 10 seconds once receiving the 911 call. We received the call at 11:43 and 11:46 the first officer was on scene. At the time of arrival there was still arguing and yelling going on. When my officer was in the house there was still yelling. In the 911 tape you hear Officer Gardner asking them to stop yelling,” Whelan added. “There was an obvious need for police intervention for this call. After reviewing the 911 call, the reports and talking to the officers, I back them 100 percent in everything they did that night to control the situation, up to and including Mrs. Yost being drive stunned. Recently, in the news, there was an incident where an individual died from swallowing a thumb tack. My officers were not going to allow that to happen.”
According to police records, this is not the first incident where officers were called to the Yost home. A 911 hang up was received from the residence on December 18, 2011.
“On December 18, 2011 around 7 p.m., records show a 911 hang up with a female yelling in the background ‘send me an officer’ and then the phone disconnected. Officers arrived to another domestic situation, but this time, there were no arrests made. It was just a verbal between the two. The report states that both subjects had been drinking this night,” Whelan concluded when asked if this was the first time officers had to respond to the Yost home.