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The YMCA is proud to announce the addition of a SMART Board to their preschool curriculum.  All three county school corporations now utilize SMART Board technology in their kindergarten classrooms.  A SMART Board is an electronic white board that allows teachers to enhance instruction and learning by engaging learners via the interactive touch screen.  The addition of the SMART Board was made possible by a grant from the WCCF Women’s Giving Circle.

When the YMCA Preschool was started in 2008, Director Robin Deaton, was focused on three objectives: promoting Kindergarten readiness, creating an environment for students to learn social skills and joining parents in partnership to prepare their children for school.  While the objectives of the YMCA Preschool remain the same, the techniques and resources are always changing to improve opportunities for the children and families who are part of the YMCA Preschool.   
Director Robin Deaton said, “Our number one goal is to make students feel as prepared, knowledgeable, confident and comfortable as is possible when they enter the doors of their school for their first day of kindergarten.  When the YMCA preschool students begin learning via a SMART Board in their kindergarten classroom they are going to be better prepared as a result of their experience in our preschool.” 
In addition to adding a SMART Board to the YMCA Preschool program, a new teacher, Cassie Bane, has been added to expand the number of classes available for Washington County preschool age youth.  When asked what Cassie thought about the addition of the SMART Board she said, “Each child has their own individual learning styles.  Not only will the SMART Board help prepare them for their learning environment in kindergarten but it also gives us another tool to help connect with the different learning styles of our students.”
The YMCA preschool offers a scholarship program to provide financial assistance to families in need.  “We want all students in Washington County to have the opportunity to attend preschool,” said Robin.  Executive Director Scott Johnson stated, “At the YMCA our goal is to join parents in partnership to not only prepare their student for kindergarten but also in sharing the financial responsibilities.  We want to make opportunities to enroll children in youth development experiences a possibility for everyone.”  
There are less than 10 days until the start of classes on September 4th and 5th.  This year’s theme is “Feeling Froggy.”  Ms. Robin and Ms. Cassie are ready to jump into a fun-filled and learning school year with the students and families.  They have ordered live tadpoles which are set to arrive the first week of school. Students will be witnessing firsthand the life cycle of frogs as they jump into their preschool year. There are still openings in the afternoon 4 & 5 year old class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30 to 3:00 as well at the 2 year old class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 11:00.  To make a donation, ask questions or register your child, contact Robin at 883-YMCA or 812-525-9772.


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