Lions claw past Cougars, 21-0 PDF Print E-mail

By Garret Walton

Special Corresondent

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The North Harrison Cougars hosted the Salem Lions on August 31. Even though the teams seemed evenly matched for the most part, the Lions defeated the Cougars 21-0.

Although neither team scored in the first quarter, it was far from uneventful. On the first possession of the game, North Harrison got the football within 10 yards but turned it over to Salem. Both teams continued to go back and forth for the rest of the quarter.


The second quarter started much the same way. Finally, with a few minutes left on the clock, things appeared to change for the Lions. After a penalty set them to 1st and 25 on the Cougar’s 45 yard line, Salem Quarterback Jordan McNeely passed to Kody Kramer for 27 yards and a first down on the 18 yard line, ultimately setting up the Lions for the first Touchdown of the game. A few more plays put the Lions six yards away from the end zone on the fourth down. Opting to go for six points instead of kicking for three, McNeely threw to an open Tyson Thomas for a successful touchdown. Salem scored the extra point to bring the score to 7-0 with 17 seconds left in the half, but Salem wasn’t done quite yet. The Cougars returned the ball to their 30 yard line, but on the next play Jarred Blevins intercepted the ball and came just short of scoring again for the Lions before the end of the half.

In the second half of the game, things began to pick up pace. Salem scored again on the first possession of the half after Tyler Sizemore found himself in the end zone for another six points. Another good kick brought the score to 14-0 with 10:06 left on the clock. After a series of penalties and incomplete passes, North Harrison was forced to kick the ball back to the Lions. Salem’s Trent Pennington made good headway with the ball before being stopped by the Cougars Tyler Hall at the Cougar’s 38 yard line. McNeely carried the ball most of the way to just inches from the end zone. He then carried it across the line, which was followed by another good kick for a score of 21-0.

After a series of back and forth possessions, North Harrison was in a good position to score. Starting their own 41 yard line, North Harrison’s Derrick Harter and Brandon Stokes got the ball within 5 yards on the fourth down, but after the next pass was good for only 2 yards, they were forced to turn the ball over to Salem on Salem’s three yard line. With little time left on the clock, North Harrison managed to keep the Lion’s back from scoring again, but Salem would ultimately run out the clock, winning the game 21-0.