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Written by George Browning   
Monday, 06 August 2012 00:00

As of Monday morning it was still not known exactly what strand of flu, if any, has made it’s way in the county.
“The testing is not back so nothing has been confirmed,” said County Health Nurse Lindsey Brough in a phone interview Friday morning.

Brough said Monday that tests won’t be back until Wednesday or Thursday.
She said testing is being done for H3N2V not H1N1 or swine flu as was originally incorrectly reported on Friday by this paper.
Melissa Richardson, who is the manager, marketing and public relations corporate responsibility/HIPAA Compliance Officer at St. Vincent Salem responded to claims that people in the county had H1N1 Friday.
She said there aren’t immediate tests to diagnosis that.
Richardson said those who came to the hospital with symptoms were tested and if the test were positive for Influenza A, a second swab was taken and sent to the state.
“They can not test immediately for swine flu,” Richardson said. “They can test positive for Influenza A and then a second swab is done and that is sent to the state and the state will test it for swine flu. That’s what takes 36 to 72 hours to get back from the state.”
“A person could have tested positive for influenza A, which then triggered a second swab. I think people are getting confused and when they are told by the doctor they have the flu, they are automatically assuming it’s the swine flu.”
Brough said the same thing about the quick test, “I have been told by the state that the rapid testing is not enough to confirm anything.”
Brough declined to release information about how this all started, but according to other media reports, Dr. Trent Fisher said he received a call Wednesday night of fair week stating that some of the pigs being housed at the fair grounds were sick.
The fair board took quick action in getting control of the situation and put the animals under quarantine.


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