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Borden Elementary has released information on the supplies students need for back-to-school items.
The following is a list of those items.

Pencils (1 box of 12)
Crayons (4 boxes of 24 count)
Erasers (2 large pink)
*Pencil Box (hard plastic)
Glue Sticks (8 large to start or 12 regular)
*Scissors 1 - 4-pack of white board markers
1 box of tissues (rectangle box of 120 or more)
*Backpack (No Wheels)
White T-Shirt (a size for them to wear all year)
Clipboard 8 ½ x 11
1 - 70 page spiral bound notebook
4 pocket folders
1 package of snack size Ziploc bags
1 package of baby wipes
1st Grade
4 RED pocket folders
*Pencil Box
Pencils (2 boxes – sharpened)
Glue sticks (10 per semester)
Large eraser
2 boxes of crayons (24 count)
Glue bottle
2 pocket folders (any color)
1 spiral notebook
1 box of markers
1 package of wet wipes
*Backpack – No Wheels
2nd Grade
Pencils (48 non-mechanical)
2 boxes of Crayons (24 pack)
1 box of Colored Pencils
Highlighter (2 pack)
1 box of Washable Markers
*Plastic Pencil Box
Dry Erase Markers (1 package of 4)
Erasers (1 pack pencil toppers and 2 large pink erasers)
4 Pocket Folders
Glue Sticks (8 per semester)
Mead Primary Writing Journal, Stage 3, K-2nd grade)
Re-sealable quart sized plastic bags (1 box)
Computer Headphones (Can be purchased at Dollar Store)
Box of Wet Wipes (1 box)
*Backpack – No Wheels
*Wooden Ruler (non-bendable with both centimeters and inches)
Clipboard 8 ½ x 11
3rd Grade
*Pencil Box
2 Pocket Folders (Red & Blue)
Pencils (2 boxes of 24 – Please have one box sharpened.)
2 Ink Pens
2 boxes of crayons (24 pack – Please no more than that.)
2 boxes of colored pencils
Glue Sticks (package of 4)
1 package of loose leaf paper
Dry Erase Markers (2 package of 4)
*Wooden ruler
*Clipboard 8 ½ x 11
Boys – 4 boxes of tissues
Girls – 1 box sandwich bags, 1 box of gallon bags, 1 container of wet wipes
1 box of Addition & Subtraction Fact cards (To be kept at school)
3rd grade journal
*Backpack – No Wheels
4th Grade
2 boxes of yellow #2 sharpened pencils
1 package of pencil top erasers
2 packages of loose leaf paper, wide-ruled
1 package Crayons (24 count)
1 package Erasable Markers
1 package Colored Pencils
2 Highlighters or Checking Pens (Not Yellow)
2 packages of large glue sticks (4 or more per package)
*1 pair of scissors
1 white liquid glue
1 spiral-bound, 1-subject notebook
2 rulers (inches & centimeters; one is to be left at home for math homework, the other one is needed at school)
*1 pencil box or pouch (standard size only)
2 boxes of tissues
1 package hard candy (no nuts or gum)
*1 set of headphones (Okay to purchase at Dollar Store)
*1 Flash Drive – 1 Mb
1 box Ziploc/Zipper bags (quart or gallon)
*Backpack – No Wheels
5th Grade
*1 Flash Drive – 1 Mb
*Ear buds or Headphones
*1 Black Polo Shirt (Field Trips)
*1 Calculator
*1 Protractor
1 pack Graph Paper
2 Composition Notebooks
2 packs of paper
4 folders with prongs
(Red for Reading, Blue for Social Studies, Green for science, Yellow for writing/spelling, Purple for math)
1 Large Bottle Hand Sanitizer
2 Boxes of Tissues
Lysol or Clorox wipes
*Backpack – No Wheels
6th Grade
2 gallon sized zipper bags
*1 Mb memory stick (thumb/jump drive)
Pocket Folders with Clasps and 3-hole punched - per semester
1 - 1in binder
5 - Dry Erase Bold Markers per 9-weeks grading period (4 sets total; dark colors are best)
1 - Dry Erase Board & Eraser (for Dry Erase Surfaces)
1 - Package per semester - regular yellow #2 lead Pencils
*1 - Pencil Box (regular sized)
1 - Package of Glue Sticks per semester
1 - Box of Colored Pencils
4 - Packages - index cards (3x5)
*1 - Ruler (inches and centimeters)
*1- Protractor and Compass
1 - Package (per semester) of Washable Colored Markers
Several Erasable Pens (blue or black only)
3 - Packages per 9-weeks grading period, Wide-rule Loose Leaf Paper
3 - 3-subject notebooks, wide-ruled
1 - Package of Sharpie permanent markers
*1 - Pair of Scissors
1 - Package Highlighters (yellow) per semester
2 - Packages white out pen/tape per semester – no bottle liquid white out please.
*1- Dictionary (pocket-size)
*1- Thesaurus (pocket-size)
*1 - Calculator (solar-powered)
*Backpack – No Wheels
Mrs. Sisson’s Class - It is not necessary to fulfill his/her grade level supply list but we would like for each student to bring the following items:
Spare clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, pullups and wipes (if necessary), 3-4 glue sticks, snack food to share with class (box of crackers, fruit snacks, etc.), 1 box of ziplock baggies (any size), 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, headphones (dollar store is fine), and 1 large can of playdough.
Please do not send the following items unless otherwise noted specifically on the supply list or requested by the teacher: Mechanical Pencils, Trapper Keepers, Fancy Pens, Gel Pens, Glitter Glue, Stamps, and Post-It Notes/Labels.
Also, please do not purchase pencils with any type of foil wrapping or pencils from the Dollar Store. They are hard for students to sharpen and tear up our electric sharpeners.



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