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A motion filed in Scott Superior Court on June 25 may allow two men to be tried as co-defendants in their criminal cases.

Attorneys for Austin Mayor Douglas Campbell and a city worker, Terry Danner, have applied to have the men's cases combined. Each is charged with two counts of Class D felony voter fraud and one count of Class D felony conspiracy.

The men are accused of having taken 2011 Democrat Party primary election absentee voter ballots from two Austin residents and mailed them for the couple. Under Indiana law, voters receiving absentee ballots are responsible for filling out their forms and mailing the completed forms back to the Clerk's Office. Additionally, Mayor Campbell and Danner are charged with conspiring to engage in the illegal actions.

Each had entered a not guilty plea during the initial court hearings held on May 1 and paid a $250 10% cash bond. Each was released to await their jury trials, which have been scheduled for Tuesday, July 24.

During the past months, a special judge has been appointed to preside at each of the trials. As the men's pre-trial hearings of July 2 approached, their Indianapolis attorneys each filed a motion to have the cases combined and the pre-trial hearings postponed.

Possibly, the motions may cause the jury trial or trials to be rescheduled as well.

As of Wednesday, July 11, however, neither special judge had ruled on the defendants' motions, and their trials were still scheduled for July 24.

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