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Judges for the 2012 Little Miss of Scott County and Little Master of Scott County contest certainly have their work cut out for them.
There are eight young men and 18 young ladies entered in this year’s competition. The program will be offered as one of the first events of the 2012 Scott County Fair on Sunday evening, July 15.
Sponsored and organized by the Pilot Club of Scott County, the contest is always a great draw, especially since it is presented in the air-conditioned and handicap-accessible confines of McClain Hall at Scottsburg High School.
The program will begin at 6 p.m., and tickets will be available at the fairgrounds office and at the door.
Children entered in the contest will be judged on their appearance and personality. All are asked to report to Pilot Club members stationed at McClain Hall at least by 5:45 p.m. on July 15.
Contestants will be taken to a secure, chaperoned area. Parents and relatives will not be permitted to accompany children backstage.
Those dynamic personalities entered in the 2012 Little Master competition include:
KAVAN BRAMBLE, 4, is the son of Danili and Shane Bramble of Lexington. Kavan has three pet dogs, Charley, Darby and Jackie. He likes to swim, play with robots and jump on his trampoline. He also enjoys beating up his big brother!
BRYSON BROCK, 4, is the son of Samantha and Travis Brock of Austin. Bryson loves to watch “Toy Story,” so one of his favorite activities is dressing up and acting like one of those characters, Buzz Lightyear. Outside, Bryson enjoys riding four-wheelers with his dad. He has a dog, Zero, as his buddy.
SPENCER GLOVER, 6, is the son of Maria Smith and Jesse Glover of Scottsburg. One of his favorite things to do is wave a flag when music is presented at his church. He loves all the characters in the “cars” movies, especially Lightning McQueen. Spencer has a dog named Chico.
TREVOR ANDREW HALL, 5, is the son of Lindsey and Jarred Hall of Scottsburg. Trevor’s hobbies include swimming, fishing and playing baseball. He has a baby sister, Kaydence, who is four months old. His special companion is his dog, Sarge.
DANIEL JONES, 5, is the son of Candace and James Jones Jr. of Scottsburg. Daniel plays Pee Wee baseball and loves to camp out as well as fish and ride his Power Wheels, a Gator and tractor. A real outdoorsman who wants to be outside all the time, Daniel has two dogs, Noel and Lucy, and two goats, Peanut and Peach Surprise.
BRYSON MATA, 6, is the son of Tonya and Carlos Mata of Lexington. Bryson’s nickname is “Tank.” He likes playing games on his Xbox, swimming and playing baseball and soccer. He loves going camping with his family and playing with his dogs.
BROCK LEON McNEELY, 6, is the son of Sherry and Jeffrey McNeely of Scottsburg. Brock graduated from the Vienna-Finley kindergarten this spring and is very excited about being a first grader there this fall. He has a black lab, Thunder, a white rabbit named Bugs Bunny and a hermit crab named Mr. Crabs. He likes to help on his grandma’s farm, where he rides tractors, helps combine corn and soybeans and feed the cows. He really enjoys fishing with his Papaw among other activities.
TAESON STUTSMAN, 4, is the son of Chantel and Derek Stutsman of Scottsburg. He counts baseball, swimming, playing golf and basketball and riding bikes and four-wheeler among his favorite activities. His special interests include listening to singer Justin Bieber, dancing and playing on the beach. His pets are Tucker, a dog, and Bieber, a fish.
Who will be the 2012 Little Miss? Judges will select from the following:
MAGGIE LEIGH BENNETT, 5, daughter of Jennifer and Ronald Bennett of Austin. Maggie enjoys learning something new each and every day. Her hobbies include singing, dancing and cheering. Her pet is a ten-month-old, one-eyed Yorkie named Ralphie Lee.
KHLOE REECE BOWLES, 4, is the daughter of Tara Walker and J.D. Bowles of Austin. Khloe loves to swim and boat at Hardy Lake with her family. She also enjoys attending church, dance and sing and playing dress up. Her favorite movies are “Tangled” and “Tinker Bell.” She likes to be outside and play in water and sand. She has a rabbit, Spot, and two dogs, Jake and Precious.
ALEXIS RACHELLE CAUDILL, 5 is the daughter of Dalaina Barrett and William Caudill of Scottsburg. Alexis likes to play games with her friends, such as hide and go seek and tag. She also draws funny pictures and likes to read books and to sing. Her best friends are Olivia and Ava.
ALISON PAIGE COUCH, 4, is the daughter of Amanda and Robert Couch of Austin. Alison loves watching Scooby-Doo, coloring and talking to people. She enjoys putting on make-up and playing with her older sisters, Aubrey and Autumn, and attending church. Ali has a puppy named Layla and a new kitten named CeeCee Jonee.
DESTINY FOX, 6, is the daughter of Andrea and Richard Fox of Scottsburg. Destiny is a “flyer” at All-Star Tumbling and she loves it. She likes to ride four-wheelers with her dad, especially when they go through water and get wet. She has a dog named Baby and a black rabbit, Precious.
GABRIELA PATRICIA MARTINEZ, 5, is one of the twin daughters of Monica Martinez and Tomas Garcia of Austin. Gabriela loves to play outdoors with her brother and sister and especially likes to swim.
VICTORIA GARCIA-MARTINEZ, 5, is one of the twin daughters of Monica Martinez and Tomas Garcia of Austin. Swimming is an activity that tops her list, but she also likes to play baseball, draw and learn math skills on the computer.
SYDNEY MAYER, 6, is the daughter of Jennifer and Shawn Mayer of Austin. Sydney enjoys cheerleading, dancing and jumping on her trampoline. She has a dog named Gidget.
JORDYNN CALI MITCHELL, 4,. is the daughter of Mary and Justin Mitchell of Scottsburg. Jordynn is a member of the All-Star Tiny Tot Squad, and she enjoys swimming in the family’s pool and playing at the park. She loves being a big sister and playing with her dolls and in the kitchen. Her dogs are Snooki and Roxy.
ELLEE NOBLE, 6, is the daughter of Amy Taylor and Greg Noble of Austin. Ellee is a big Justin Bieber fan and is planning to marry him some day. She likes to fish and camp as well as sing, dance, do crafts, play dress up and go swimming. She has a bulldog named Tug and likes to catch frogs and turtles and keep them as pets.
CHLOE LYNN NORTON, 6, is the daughter of Elaine Hall and Jody Norton of Scottsburg. An artist, Chloe likes to draw and sing. She has a pet dog named Reesie.
DIVINE PAYNE, 5, is the daughter of Christina Payne of Scottsburg. Divine loves to dance, cheer, swim and ride her bike. She loves to attend church and is very excited about entering kindergarten this fall.
MOLLIE PRICE, 6, is the daughter of Dawn and Floyd Price of Austin. Mollie likes to read as well as play outside and ride her bike. She also enjoys swimming and driving the family’s golf cart. She has a dog named Rosie and a fish named Sweetheart.
ISABELLA ROBBINS, 6, is the daughter of Lisa and Jamie Robbins of Underwood. Gardening is one of her favorite activities, but Isabella also enjoys drawing, singing and dancing.
ADALYN SHULER, 4, is the daughter of Virginia and Jason Shuler of Austin. Adalyn is very active, enjoying dancing, singing, listening to music and playing outdoors. She also likes to read. She has a pet cat named Maggie.
ZOE STIDHAM, 4, is the daughter of Ashley and C.J. Stidham of Scottsburg. A talented gymnast, Zoe has Buddy, Brutus and Lizzy as her pets. She loves her stuffed animal Spot Dog.
ANGELA WALKER, 5, is the daughter of Jessica and Andrew Walker of Scottsburg. Angela will be starting kindergarten this fall, and she loves to play with her brother and sister. She also loves swimming and playing baseball and just be silly. She has a puppy named Lily.
RILEY ANN WRIGHT, 5, is the daughter of Shannon and Chris Wright of Scottsburg. Riley loves to swim, dance and sing as well as ride her Jeep, plant vegetables, hug her family and play games on her mom’s Ipad. She is always trying to learn new things.

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