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Kevin Chapman, rap name “Kevlar” and DuJuan Presley, “Dbomb” make up the Christian Rap Group, “DevilProof,” that will perform on Sunday July 1 at approximatley 5:00 p.m.
The performance is part of “Praise Day at Pekin Park.”

The schedule of events will feature musicians from local praise teams and a message by Pastor John Denny.
The event will begin at 1 p.m. with a youth band from New Life Christian Church.
At 2 p.m. an assortment of local musicians will join together to perform and lead praise. The group consists of Marilyn Rogers, Tamara Browning, John Mishler and others. 
Then at around 4:30 p.m. a group from Mt. Tabor Christian Church will take the stage. The group will feature Erin Houchin, John Trinkle and Tanya Webb.
The festivities end with “DevilProof” taking the stage.
All local youth groups are invited to take part in this free event.
Seating is provided, but there is space for those wishing to bring their own, more comfortable chairs.
The feature act, according to their web site is, a new, anointed, crunk Gospel rap group that presents the uncompromising word of God with a very unique presentation.
The site says that “DevilProof” presents the word of God through an eclectic array of sounds including crunk beats, guitar riffs, alternative hooks, and “old school” flavor.
Chapman described the group’s sound as a mix of down-south, midwest, and east coast flavors.
The members of DevilProof all attend Covenant Life Church in Jeffersonville, under the covering of Pastor Ric Catlett.
DevilProof’s primary purpose is to win souls to Jesus Christ and reignite flames.
Chapman said the name came from God.
“When God gave me the name I liked, but I also knew the connotation that came with,” he said. “I told Him, ‘If we are going to go by that name we are going to have to live uncompromising lives and take a real stand.’”
The group formed in 2008, but just recently released their first album, “Holy Ghost Recon.”
“We didn’t realize how much went into making an album,” Chapman said.
At first Chapman and Presley were just making music as a ministry, but they decided to try to take it to another level after fellow church member Deitrick Barr approached them.
Chapman shares his story hrough lyrics in one of the groups songs, “Stand, Walk, War” which can be heard at
“Paul beseeches us to fight the good fight But it’s hard when these cats say “Kevlar we can’t hear your bars because you don’t fit stereotypes” Which is it?
“That I’m black as coal with a white wife, the Ph.D. in Clinical Psych, or that I teach young adult singles on Wednesday nights?
“Or is it that I rep Christ with anointed bars that’s tight?
“That I block porn sites, and don’t pop pills and go to raves with neon lights?”
While Chapman tells a personal story in the song, Dbomb is clearly sharing Christ’s message, ‘We gone walk sin free like Jesus did for me For 33, now let that light shine thru me, Turn away from the drink and the drugs, Turn away from the shorties and huns, And the thugs showin love, go to war.
They are still making plans and laying a foundation for what the future will hold and until a decision is made about that, they plan to keep trying to help “Holy Hip-Hop” fans make their lives DevilProof.
For information on how to book the group or to purchase the first album visit of contract Barr at L.G. Up Management at 812-786-3567.