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On a national level the unemployment numbers are hovering around 8 percent, but one company, Connextions in Jeffersonville is ready to put several hundred people in the area to work.
The company has a number of job openings, but they are really pushing to hire people for the upcoming Medicare open enrollment period.
They are looking for folks who are willing to become licensed health agents to work from now through December.
Those interested are required to take a two to three week program called the College of Insurance, one the program is completed they will then take the state licensing exam. Once that is passed and all the employment requirements are met they can start to work.
“Every season we have a program called the college of insurance,” said Connextions Director of Human Resources, Christy Frederick. “Free of charge, we help folks prepare for their state licensing exam. We pay for everything. They go get their health license so they can potentially come back and work for us as a licensed health agent to sell Medicare products.”
Frederick said once hired there is the potential to make up to $25 an hour.
She said anyone who is unemployed makes a perfect as well as recent high school graduates who want to take some time of before starting college or even people who may have retired but have decided they want to go back to work.
“These are seasonal positions that will last through the end of the year, supporting the Medicare annual enrollment period,” Frederick said.
She said those who are looking for something year-round should also consider the position. 
“Once the season ends we have opportunities to put people in other positions within the company,” Frederick said. “There are some people who just want to work a few months out of the year.”
Paying for the College of Insurance out pocket could cost up to $1,000, but Connextions covers all the cost associated with it, including the fee for the state exam. Once complete there are no requirements to stay with the company.
“We do everything and even if they were to leave we don’t ask for them to pay us back,” Frederick said.
Anyone interested in a position with Connextions can either go to the Web site at or stop in the office Monday through Friday.
Frederick said they have information sessions that tell about the program daily at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
On the internet, Frederick said there is a link to get more information about the College of Insurance and to apply for the program.
“It takes two to three weeks to complete,” she said. “It’s an on-line program that we use here at the site. We have mentors to help with study groups and to help students get through the on-line program and then what we do a schedule with our partners at Ivy Tech or in Kentucky where they can take their state exam.
“Once the Exam has been passed, they come back to our office here in Human resources and we schedule them for a class. Then if they meet all the hiring requirements there is a very good chance they will get a job.”
The company also has other positions for those not interested in the health-related field.
“We have continued to build our year-round business and have several hundred customer service positions with classes that we are hiring for now,” she said.
Connextions is located at 200 Patrol Road in Jeffersonville.
For more information about the College of Insurance or any other open position, call 812-258-3550 ask for human resources.
Connextions is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Monday through Friday.