Alabama man remains jailed on $100,000 bond in Austin shooting incident on Monday PDF Print E-mail


An Alabama resident charged in the wounding of an Austin resident on Monday, June 18, will, for now, remain behind bars in lieu of a $100,000 corporate surety/full cash bond.

Scott Circuit Court Judge Roger Duvall told Deborah Haney, attorney for the accused, Michael Lee Jones, 54, that she should file a motion to set a bond reduction hearing for Jones as the man was arraigned late Wednesday morning, June 20.

Duvall advised Jones of his rights and the charges against him in the court hearing. Jones, who had been visiting at a relative's house in Austin for a couple of weeks, faces one charge each of aggravated battery, a Class B felony; battery, a Class C felony; and criminal recklessness, a Class D felony, in the shooting of Cecil Wayne White, 28, Austin.

The alleged shooting took place shortly after 10 p.m. near White's residence in the 1200 block of Clay Street. When Patrolman Robert Gudgel arrived, he said he found White standing in the street, his chest bloody. When he asked White who had shot him, he pointed to a man standing in a yard at 1254 Clay St.

That man identified himself as Jones of Phenix City, Al., and he purportedly told the officer that he shot White with a bean bag round with a 12 gauge shotgun after he had confronted White about an alleged burglary.

Gudgel recovered the shotgun and put Jones in his police vehicle. He then tried to secure statements from witnesses as well as from Jones and White. Though he appeared to be wounded, White refused medical attention, the officer noted.

White later was found in pain and was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital some time on June 19. His injuries and medical condition are not known.

White said he and his female cousin were walking to his home when the man, Jones, yelled at him, telling him that a relative of his, an apparent victim of a burglary, wanted her belongings back. White said when he told Jones that he didn't know what he was talking about, Jones shot him, reportedly at point blank range.

A loaded handgun was confiscated from Jones by the officer, and he was transported to the Scott County Security Center in Scottsburg.

In the courtroom on June 20, Judge Duvall set the bail at $100,000 after Jones had entered a not guilty plea to all charges. His jury trial date was set on October 15.

The judge listened to statements made by Jones' attorney and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Chris Owens regarding the alleged incident. Jones' attorney requested that Jones be allowed a lower bail and/or that he be placed on home arrest at his relative's home in Austin.

In his argument against a lower bond, Owens pointed out that Jones had a loaded weapon on his person at the time he was taken into custody. The beanbag round used in the incident with White " considered a lethal projectile...." and is sometimes used by U.S. troops and officers trying to disperse unruly crowds, Owens added. Jones is a military veteran, it was learned.

Judge Duvall decided after arguments were made that a bond reduction hearing would be the best choice and advised Haney to file for one on behalf of her client.