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Heroin dealing charges had been prepared by the Indiana State Police against Raymond Kenneth “Kenny” May II, 34, Austin, on Wednesday morning, May 6, but officers were having a difficult time trying to find him.
The search ended that evening at an apartment complex in Crothersville, thanks to a tip received by a deputy with the Sheriff’s Department.
Deputy Jeremy Arnold had been actively trying to locate May since May 30, five days after Scott Pool, an officer with the Scott County Probation Office, had filed a petition to revoke May’s probation. Pool noted in his petition that May had failed to follow several of the conditions of his probation stemming from an earlier criminal conviction.
Deputy Arnold got the tip on June 6 that May could possibly be hiding at the Crothersville location. He drove to the area and began surveillance.
Around 5:45 p.m., the deputy said he saw May in the complex parking lot talking with another man.
As the officer began walking toward the pair, he said the men turned and walked away, walking faster until they rounded the southeast corner of the building. Deputy Arnold radioed for assistance.
As he turned the southeast corner, the deputy said he saw the apartment building’s east door shutting. When he opened it, he said May was running up the stairs to the second floor. Deputy Arnold pursued and was able to “spot” May with his taser gun’s laser, advising him to stop. May complied.
Arnold placed May in handcuffs and walked him back to his patrol car. He reported May seemed uncomfortable seated in the back seat of the patrol car and complained of his cuffs being too tight. Deputy Arnold said he checked the cuffs and noted that they were loose enough not to cause pain.
The cause of May’s discomfort became apparent during the process of booking him into the Scott County Security Center. After signing charges against May, Deputy Arnold had left the facility. He was called back by a jail officer, who told him May was refusing to comply with specific instructions during a strip search.
The deputy assisted jailer Michael Richey in controlling May’s movements, and a baggie was retrieved from the prisoner’s backside, where May had reportedly been clenching his muscles to prevent it from falling onto the floor of the cell.
Inside the baggie was another baggie, and inside it, the officer reported, was a powdery substance, which tested positively for heroin, and eight pills. The pills were identified as Oxycodone and Oxymorphone, both Schedule II controlled substances, and Alprazolam, a Schedule IV controlled substance.
That discovery caused Deputy Arnold to request that the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office file additional charges of possession of heroin and possession of a controlled substance be filed against May.
May appeared in Scott Circuit Court on Thursday morning, June 7, on his original warrant charges of dealing in heroin, a Class B felony, and maintaining a common nuisance, a Class D felony. His jury trial date has been scheduled on November 13.
His bail has been set at $100,000 corporate surety or full cash, but his public defender has filed a motion to have that amount reduced. The matter is set for a court hearing on the morning of July 2.