?Salem Common Council votes to revamp longevity pay schedule for city workers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 September 2008 00:00
?    ?    The City of Salem Common Council met in special session on Tuesday to discuss proposed changes in the longevity pay schedule for city workers.
     The current pay schedule adopted in 2007 calls for full time employees to receive an annual bonus equal to $208 for each year of employment by the city.  
    An example would be that an employee with 10 years of seniority receives a longevity pay bonus of $2080, paid out in equal installments throughout the eleventh year.
    The projected cost of the current longevity bonus for 2008 is over $188,000 and would balloon to slightly more than $280,000 in just five years.
    Salem Mayor, David Bower, made several recommendations to the Council for alterations to the current plan.  
    After discussion and deliberation, the Council approved a plan that will place a 20-year cap on the longevity schedule and lower the payment to $104 per year of service.
    The City of Salem employs 76 people who qualify for the longevity bonus, with an anticipated annual payroll of $2.88 million for 2009.
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