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A Lexington area resident now faces two Class C felonies and four Class D felonies because of alleged verbal threats and actions he took on Wednesday, May 30, against three neighbors.
Orman John Prostler, 44, was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies after he reportedly verbally and physically threatened his neighbors with a gun and a knife. Additional charges were filed based on his alleged threats to one of the deputies.
The incident began with a call about a domestic situation on East Pol Road near Blocher. Deputy Joe Guarneri and Detective Rick Barrett responded to the dispatch, arriving at the residence to talk to three residents, two women and a man, all of whom said they’d been threatened by their neighbor, whom they identified as Prostler.
Deputy Guarneri walked over to Prostler’s residence to talk to him. he said Prostler was standing in a doorway, with one of his hands hidden by the door. The officer ordered him to show both hands several times, Prostler finally complying. Deputy Guarneri said he saw a piece of steel with a pointed end and tape wrapped around its blunt end laying on the porch near the door. He noted in his probable cause affidavit that he also found a kitchen knife laying on the floor inside the residence.
When the deputy talked to the neighbors, they said Prostler first said he wanted to talk to them about who had stolen a scooter from the neighbors.
Prostler got into a vehicle with the man and allegedly took about $8 in change from the vehicle. The men argued, and Prostler returned the change, but they continued to argue, and the man said Prostler told him that “...he would burn his house down like the one he did on Railroad Street (in Blocher).” A home did burn down in Blocher last week on that street, according to Johnson Township Volunteer Fire Department records.
Prostler then allegedly pointed a gun at the neighbor, telling the man “...that he was dead.”
After the neighbors called the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center for help, they said Prostler disposed of the gun but retrieved a knife from his house. One of the women said Prostler also threatened them with not only the gun but also a knife. The second woman said Prostler “...walked toward the creek, pulled a gun, pointed it at them and said, ‘You’re dead.’ “ She said Prostler threw his gun into the creek, telling them “...that they should wait until tonight, that he would burn their house down like the one he burned on Railroad Street.”
Prostler went into his house when he saw Det. Barrett arriving, the woman related.
A search was made for the gun, but it was not located.
When he was transporting Prostler to the Scott County Security Center, Deputy Guarneri said the prisoner began calling him names. The deputy also said that Prostler told him “...he knew people from New York and that I was messing with the wrong person.” He also allegedly told the officer that he would find him when he got out of jail and that there would be payback, apparently for Prostler’s arrest.
When the deputy’s patrol car hit a bump on the road driving to Scottsburg, Guarneri said Prostler told him “...that would be the last bump I would ever hit.” As he was being processed at the jail, Prostler reportedly made yet another threat, that he “...would get...” Deputy Guarneri.
For his actions, two Class C felony charges of intimidation were filed against Prostler as well as three more counts of Class D felony intimidation and a Class D felony theft charge.
In Scott Circuit Court on Friday, June 1, Judge Roger Duvall conducted Prostler’s initial hearing. He entered a not guilty plea for Prostler on all charges and then set a preliminary jury trial date of October 22 for the case.
Bail was set at $75,000 corporate surety/full cash, and a public defender was appointed to represent him.
On Monday, June 4, County Prosecutor Jason Mount’s office filed a Notice of Intent to file an Habitual Offender Enhancement in the case. The enhancement could be used to add more time to any sentence Prostler may receive.